Granite is far and away the most popular material for countertops in the U.S. According to the National Association of Home Builder’s Consumer Preference Survey, 64 percent of countertops in newly constructed homes last year were granite while only 14 percent of new homes have laminate. So what is it that makes granite countertops such a popular choice? Read on to learn why so many builders are choosing granite and why countertop installers in Atlanta are upgrading so many older kitchens using granite.

Long-Lasting Upgrades

Kitchen remodels are expensive. The average homeowner doing a full remodel reported spending more than $20,000 on a kitchen redo last year. So choosing long-lasting materials is key to creating a kitchen you’ll love and one you won’t be itching to remodel again anytime soon! Who can afford frequent kitchen remodels at $20,000 a pop?

Granite is durable, so once you’ve paid the countertops installation cost in Atlanta, your granite countertops will last for decades. Granite countertops require very little maintenance and are designed to withstand almost constant use. Heat won’t damage your granite, and by regularly sealing your countertops, they’re unlikely to stain. In the unlikely event of scratches or chips, a professional can repair minor damage to granite countertops. Years from now, they’ll look as good as the day they were installed.

Bacteria Resistant

One doctor says homeowners are better off making salads on their toilet seats than on their kitchen countertops. Bacteria and germs from dirty sponges and dish towels can seep into crevices in some crevices. Fortunately, granite is a non-porous material. This means residue doesn’t collect in microscopic areas of the counter. The non-porous granite countertops can limit foodborne illnesses, because they reduce the chances of cross contamination. Of course, this assumes your granite countertops are properly installed using the correct sealant, which adds an extra layer of protections, making your granite countertops even more inhospitable to bacteria. Keeping your family healthy isn’t generally a primary concern in a kitchen remodel, but because kitchens can be a regular source of foodborne illnesses, maybe health should be high on the list!

Unique Beauty

Thanks to its long-lasting, durable, and sanitary qualities, granite countertops offer a timeless beauty. The popularity of granite countertops isn’t diminishing. They aren’t a trend that will disappear like the avocado green appliances of the 1970s.

Each granite stone is unique, which means even if every home in your neighborhood has a similar color granite countertop, yours differs from your neighbor’s. You can be confident knowing that the timeless and individual beauty of the natural granite stone you’ve installed in your kitchen will stand the test of time. There are several colors available, so you’re not limited in your choices. Because you have many unique options, you’re sure to find a granite countertop that will perfectly compliment your ceramic, stainless steel, or copper sink. Whatever kitchen appliances, cabinets, and backsplash you choose, you’ll be able to find a granite countertop that will look great with your other kitchen design choices.

There are many reasons savvy homeowners choose granite countertops over other materials for remodels and custom-built homes. Its timeless beauty coupled with its affordability make it the perfect choice.