Granite countertops have been popular for decades, and it’s easy to see why. They’re colorful, uniquely patterned, and completely natural. Granite is a natural stone that lends itself well to kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor surfaces, and even some furniture. But before you order your set of custom granite kitchen tops, there are a few things that you should know first. Why is granite a great choice for any home? Countertop specialists share these 3 amazing details about high-end granite countertops.

Each Slab of Granite Is Completely Unique

Genuine granite countertops are made of two things: 100% natural stone and a protective sealant. This means that each slab of granite is essentially a protected piece of stone quarried from the earth, cut, polished, and fitted just for you. Even prefabricated granite countertops–pre-cut selections that are made to be more affordable and easier to install–consist of the completely original stone.

Granite occurs when underground minerals are subjected to extreme heat and/or pressure. As the minerals change, their coloring changes, they harden, and they meld into an ultra-hard and durable stone known as granite. Granite develops its coloring and pattern based on its geographical origin, conditions, and precise mineral makeup. This means that it never occurs in quite the same way twice. In other words, no two slabs of granite are exactly alike. This level of originality has value!

You Can Customize Cut and Size

Granite isn’t just available in different beautiful colors and patterns. It’s also available in different cuts and sizes. Granite looks best when it’s measured precisely for your cabinetry and vanities. But you can select how far you’d like the edges to extend, and what you want the edges to look like. Details like bullnose, bevel, or naturally rough edge profiles are great for your countertops. Choose a style that reflects the design scheme of the entire room, like rustic or provincial.
Countertop installation teams can visit your home and measure the surfaces on which you’d like to install granite, so its fit is just right.

Choose Your Installer Carefully

While many people claim that they can install countertops, including ordinary home construction contractors, it’s best to leave granite installation to a professional countertop installer. These professionals can help you get a great-looking fit and guarantee an installation that lasts. While some people try to DIY the job, this can be tricky and even frustrating. If installed poorly, granite can loosen or even be wobbly. Also, some people are surprised to find that thin granite slabs can be brittle before they’re installed on a stable surface, where they become strong and hardy.

That’s why you should trust Atlantis Granite & Marble with granite countertops installation every time. If you want granite countertops in Atlanta, call us for high-quality products and long-lasting installation at great prices. Visit our showroom to see your countertops options and select finishing details that you’ll fall in love with.