Scouring the Internet for kitchen remodeling ideas can be inspirational, but reconciling the difference between that dream kitchen you found on Pinterest and what you can afford can be a major disappointment. Remodeling a kitchen can be an expensive endeavor, but there are ways you can get the kitchen you want without breaking the bank. From choosing a lower quality, but still high impact countertop material, to find a countertop specialist near Atlanta who can make your vision a reality, here are a few tips to save money on new countertops.

Countertop Material

The cost of countertops varies dramatically based on the material you choose. The most beautiful and trendiest kitchens are typically outfitted with marble or granite countertops. Both are lovely, natural stone choices that will make any kitchen look elegant!

Granite shows grains in a small pattern. A granite slab may have flecks of blue, pink, red, or even gold. Like marble, no two granite countertops are alike.

The patterns or colors in marble countertops tend to be more consistent than those in granite. Marble typically appears to have subtle veins running through it, and that’s where you’ll find the hints of greys, blues, or even rosy pinks.

Both marble and granite need to be sealed. They’re both porous materials. Without a sealer, granite and marble countertops are easily stained by liquids that can seep into the stone. So your installer should include a sealer in an estimate.

If you want the elegant look of natural stone and price is a concern, you may want to choose granite countertops rather than marble. Granite costs are slightly less than marble. The basic cost of granite is about $75 per square foot, whereas marble countertops run about $100 per square foot. Even with installation, granite costs a little less. Expect to pay about $175 per square foot installed for granite and $200 per square foot installed for marble.

The Design

If you’re ripping out your kitchen and started from scratch, recognize that the complexity of the countertop installation increases the price. Contractors who give you a countertop estimate cost in Atlanta will figure in the added skill and effort required for things like seams, corners, and the difficulty required to fit your countertop to the sink. Choosing a sink with simple lines can knock a few dollars off the cost of installing your new countertops. Remember, complexity adds to the price!

Multiple Bids

If you’re hoping to redo your old kitchen into your dream kitchen, find the best contractor at the best price by getting multiple bids. You don’t have to choose the contractor who offers you the lowest price, especially if you’re worried about the contractor’s experience level. You can always ask your favorite contractor to price match. By having a number of bids, you can compare costs versus experience and expertise to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Be sure to ask all contractors whether they’re bonded and insured, and check out reviews of their work online. Finally, ask each of the individuals who bid on your kitchen remodel for referrals.

By carefully considering which countertop material to install, selecting a simple design, and getting multiple bids, you’re sure to get the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank.