The kitchen is your gathering place. It’s where you work, cook, break bread, and host guests. This is why the design and functionality of this room is so important. When the time comes to upgrade, choosing the right countertops is a vital step in this process. Below are 5 examples of stunning countertops to consider for your next renovation. 

White Quartz 

A smooth white countertop can be a piece of art in and of itself. Since this design is perfect for the current minimalist movement, the sleek surface won’t need to be cluttered with knickknacks or gadgets. The white tone makes darker floors, cabinetry, or appliances stand out. The silky finish creates a clean and modern motif. Many might steer clear of white surfaces in fear of spills, but remember that quartz is nonporous, so it’s completely resistant to stains or scratches. 

Emerald Pearl Granite 

The natural compound of granite can make you feel closer to the earth and its glorious wonder. If your kitchen contains a lot of windows and showcases the greenery of your surroundings, emerald pearl could be the right choice for you. It draws in the outdoors and accents your indoors. Whether it’s a poolside kitchen in tropical Miami, or country kitchen countertops in Alpharetta, the dazzling blue/green crystal and dark background can beautify either space. 

Calacatta Marble 

If you want to give off an elegant and luxurious vibe in your kitchen, Calacatta marble can make that happen. Calacatta can sometimes be mixed-up with Carrara, since the stones look very similar. Calacatta is usually brighter with more dramatic veins, while Carrara has more of a gray tone. Both are categorized as gorgeous Italian marble, but Calacatta is rarer and often sought-after for unique and lavish interior decorating. Using this stone for kitchen countertops sets a classic foundation for any creative direction. 

Dark Soapstone 

Your kitchen design should reflect your lifestyle and personality. If you fall into a cool, hip, organic, and raw category, a dark soapstone countertop should be on your list. You can find your perfect tone for this type of countertop by coating it with mineral oil. The more oil used, the darker the surface becomes, while highlighting the veins at the same time. Soapstone is very durable and looks amazing with a variety of cabinetry. However, it’s a softer surface and can scratch. Many who choose this countertop fall in love with these flaws and imperfections, especially because of its great price. 

Earth-Tone Quartzite 

Because it can withstand high temperatures, quartzite countertops could be the perfect surface for active chefs who tend to place hot pots and pans around the kitchen. An earth-toned countertop is terrific for a kitchen with hardwood floors and/or wood cabinets. These tones will draw your attention to all of the natural colors in both areas. These types of countertops create a cozy atmosphere that welcomes a variety of kitchen activities. 

Any type of renovation can be stressful, time consuming, and can place a heavy dent in your budget. If you approach your new space in a creative and practical way, you’ll be very happy with the results. When you choose to upgrade your kitchen, the best place to start is the countertops and build up from there. This is your base and foundation of the space. Remember that the design should reflect you and your lifestyle. Don’t make decisions off price, aesthetics, functionality, or design alone. All of these should be taken into consideration when upgrading and renovating.