When planning the construction or renovation of a kitchen or bathroom, the countertops should be the focal point. Despite the numerous options to choose from for countertop construction, marble is still a favorite among homeowners and interior designers as well. With proper care and experienced technicians who install countertops in Cumming, marble can be a long lasting and beautiful addition to any décor.

The use of marble as a décor option dates back to the ancient Greeks, who valued this natural stone so much that they used it to build temples and statues to honor their gods and goddesses. Marble was later used to line Greek baths and pools, a practice that is continued today.

But what is it about marble that makes it a preferred building material in homes and businesses around the world? Here are 5 reasons why it is a favorite décor option, and why you should consider marble for your home’s countertops.

Timeless Beauty

Marble never goes out of style. It has universal appeal. Add marble countertops to a kitchen, and you’ve created an elegant vision that won’t go out of fashion in 5 years. Marble isn’t trendy. It’s classic. Whether you are renovating a kitchen or updating a bathroom, marble is always an excellent choice, and is available in a glossy or honed finish.


There is no question that marble is durable. It’s also heat resistant, so it stands up to hot pots and pans in the kitchen. Baking fanatics love marble countertops because marble doesn’t conduct heat, and it allows baked items to cool naturally. Some homeowners use marble around their fireplaces, as well. The heat won’t cause marble to yellow, and this metamorphic stone isn’t damaged by sparks.

Unique Variety

Nature doesn’t create replicas. No two flowers are exactly alike, no two trees create the same number of leaves, and each piece of natural stone quarried from the earth is unique. When an image of a marble slab pops into your head, you may envision a white stone with grayish-blue veining. But marble is available in a variety of beautiful, rich tones, such as tan with brown, peach or gray specks; green with black, charcoal or white veins; brown with peach-toned veining; or black with gray specks and veins. There are different types of marble, varying in cost. The marble you choose for your countertops will be one-of-a-kind.


If there is a possibility that you will sell your home at some point, marble is a great countertop choice because it holds its value. Marble is a selling point for a home, one that is appreciated by real estate professionals, architects, and home buyers alike. Marble enhances other features in the room, like cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, and windows. It offers a natural beauty and elegance without being pretentious. Check with local countertops installers in Cumming to find a good selection.


Although there are some types of marble that are rare and therefore considered premium options, most varieties are easy to find. Marble countertop tiles are also readily available, if you prefer tiling instead of a solid slab. Countertop installation costs vary, but reputable business should provide an estimate.

Marble is a durable and long lasting choice, but it’s porous, so it does stain easily. Spills should be cleaned up immediately. Check with local marble experts who can provide information on the proper care of countertops surfaces in Cumming.