In life, things get old and wear out. There is simply no way around this fact. The best new cars eventually break down, the best athletes need to retire, and, of course, the best houses will eventually need to be remodeled. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your kitchen is going to be immune to this.

Eventually, the urge for new granite kitchen countertops in Marietta will become too great and you will need to upgrade. The key is to know when the right time to make the leap is. Look at your kitchen countertop and look for these signs that it might be time to upgrade.

Chips and Cracks

As soon as you notice that parts of your countertop are breaking apart onto the floor, you should take it as a sign that it might just be time to move on to a new countertop. It’s simply going to be too much hassle to try and maintain a countertop that is falling apart, and will often not be worth the effort of trying to save it. Not only is it ugly, it can be dangerous, as you never know when a piece could find its way into your cooking, or release a sharp edge and cause injury.

Like an Orange

No one can be blamed for choosing a less than stellar countertop when they first move into their home and money is tight. The problem is that laminate/wood countertops can often begin to peel given enough time and humidity. When that happens, it can make an upgrade to solid granite seem like the easiest decision in the world.

If it Bends, Don’t Let It Break

This can be as much a problem with the entire structure of your kitchen cabinets, but when you no longer feel safe sitting on your countertop, you should consider upgrading to a sturdier kitchen. If you feel like the counter can’t support your weight now, how much longer could it be until the weight of a holiday feast is more than the structure can bear?

Raise the Value

Ever watched one of those prospective home buying shows on TV? They always seem to notice if the kitchen is not up to par, because it’s often the house’s center of activity. Having a new kitchen countertop, especially in a competitive real estate market like Georgia’s, goes a long way towards raising your home’s value. It can come in handy if you ever need to sell and move away or build equity in your house for another major remodel.

Life of the Party

When was the last time you hosted a big dinner party for your coworkers? Or a Christmas party for your extended family? It might have been a while, and it might be because you have a kitchen countertop that you’re not excited to show off in front of company. If that’s the case, perhaps an upgrade is in order. A sparkly new countertop can give you the added confidence to make you the life of the party.

The great thing about a kitchen is that you can make so many memories there. From nightly family dinners, to parties that everyone will look back on fondly, there’s always potential for wonderful memories to be made. Having a kitchen countertop that people don’t want to touch, or look at can be all the difference in making a home, truly feel like home.