The bathroom is the retreat of the home, and possibly the only room that guarantees you total privacy. A good bathroom should be an escape from the rigors and stresses of everyday life. In order to create a truly relaxing ambiance, you need a well-styled bathroom. Great appliances, colorful walls, architectural details like crown molding, and beautiful countertops will combine for a truly elegant atmosphere.

There are many types of bathroom countertops on the market. Which ones can help you create a stunning bathroom vanity? As with countertops for a kitchen in Roswell, countertops for bathrooms should be simultaneously elegant, durable, and polished. These are 5 stunning bathroom countertop ideas that can inspire your remodel.

Matching Walls and Countertops

Create a uniquely minimal and mind-clearing ambiance with a perfect match between your wall color and your countertops. For best results, choose a slab of smooth, even-toned marble. High-quality countertops can be customized into clean, neat, flat-edged slabs that blend into the architecture of the surrounding walls. This effect works best on vanities that are nestled in a nook or face a window.

Neutral Marble with Curved Edges

For a feminine floral effect, customize a slab of rosy beige marble with curved edges. This effect will balance a bathroom with masculine appliances for a gender-neutral bathroom anyone can enjoy. The marble will reflect light for a refined appearance and traditional touch.

Rustic Granite

Granite bathroom countertops and granite kitchen countertops are well-known for their freckles of varied color and intense beauty. Take advantage of the layers of color in natural granite by installing a masculine vanity with rustic, wood-toned granite. Notes of blue and red or even black will give brown granite a handsome effect that can center a rustic, natural-toned bathroom.

Infinite Countertops

White quartz countertops have a magnificent effect of appearing completely uniform and clean in appearance, almost like polished, smooth metal. Use this to your advantage by installing white quartz on a white vanity above white floors. The effect will expand the appearance of the countertops, making them appear incredibly long and spacious. This smooth, clean look will relax the eyes and calm you. To continue the effect, install oversized mirrors above the vanity.

Bold and Brazen

A relaxing bathroom doesn’t have to be natural. Be unafraid of color and install polished blue quartzite countertops, which will have a jewel-like color with notes of other hues underneath. Match these countertops with polished copper fixtures and a metallic mirror, as well as bright wall paint, for a colorful bathroom that feels almost surreal.

All of the above bathroom countertops ideas can inspire your remodel or brand-new bathroom. Take what you like, whether you are more minimal in your design choices or prefer bold, artistic statements. Then, work with bathroom countertops specialists to craft a uniform, elegant design scheme. There are many different materials to choose from when designing countertops for a bathroom and countertops for a kitchen in Roswell. Specialists can help you choose the material that is right for your tastes, budget, and design concept.