When it comes to home renovations, few options are more popular than installing new granite countertops. It’s no wonder! Attractive and durable, granite has been the material of choice for kitchen counters for decades. If you’ve never considered replacing your old countertops with granite, here are a few reasons you might consider checking out your local countertop installers in Alpharetta.

1. Granite Is Tough

Much of the activity that takes place in your household takes place on your kitchen counter. The kitchen is where you prepare food and where you eat it. Kids do their homework in the kitchen, while the parents enjoy a glass of wine. Given that so much of your life takes place in kitchen, you’ll want to have counters strong enough to handle the regular use. Granite is one of the most durable materials around, so it’s perfect for countertops. When properly maintained, granite countertops are nearly impossible to scratch or chip. When treated regular with sealer, granite should be as beautiful after 10 years as it was the day you had it installed.

2. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

Granite is such a luxurious material, people assume it’s outrageously expensive. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have to be. The thickness of granite is usually one of the biggest factors in determining the price. Thin pieces of granite can be as affordable as $40 per square foot. Furthermore, choosing granite tile instead of an entire slab can save the cost-conscious even more. Also, the fact that granite is so durable means those new countertops won’t have to be replaced for a long time – sometimes as long as 30 years!

3. Stain and Heat Resistant

When you apply the appropriate sealant to your granite countertops on a regular basis, the stone becomes nearly impossible to stain. Furthermore, it’s incredibly easy to clean. Once a liquid or food spill occurs, just wipe away with water and mild detergent, and it’s as good as new. If food spills are allowed to dry, just scrape away with a plastic scraper. Granite is vulnerable to scratching if you use abrasive detergents and cleaners, so stick to mild cleansers and sponges, or soft towels. Also, since granite is formed by heat and pressure, it’s resistant to heat should you accidentally leave a hot pan on the counter. If the internal forces of the earth can’t hurt granite, you won’t either.

4. Granite Adds Value to Your House

The kitchen is first thing potential buyers look at when considering a new house. There’s no better way to show off that kitchen – and add to your home’s resell value – than the addition of gleaming granite countertops. The fact that the countertops add to your home’s value makes your decision to install granite more of an investment than a luxury.

5. No Two Pieces of Granite Are the Same

Granite occurs naturally and is dug straight out of the ground, so each color and each combination of veins and patterns will vary from piece to piece. No matter your taste – from black to white, and everything in between – you can find the granite countertops color in Alpharetta that works best for you.

Elegant and sophisticated, yet durable and stain-resistant, it’s no accident that granite continues to be the number one choice for countertops around the country.