Homeowners across the country are opting for marble countertops more than any other material. With so many custom countertops options in Cumming, many people love the durability and style options associated with this beautiful stone. With its variety of colors and unique patterns, there is so much to love about marble. Because marble is a natural element, it requires a different level of care than a manufactured surface does. To keep your marble looking as shiny as the day it was installed, here are a few things to remember.

  • Marble is prone to etching. Marble is made from calcium carbonate. This means that if any acid comes in contact with it, a chemical reaction occurs. This chemical reaction eats away at the surface of your marble, leaving a dull patch in its wake. These dull spots are called “etches.” Etching can be caused by lemon juice, acidic drinks, or any sort of rough surface. While etching may seem like a separate issue than cleaning is, etched marble is difficult to clean. It limits the amount of cleaners you can use and leaves your surface looking scratched no matter how much you scrub. In most cases, etching cannot be easily fixed. If you have quite a few etched patches on your countertop, replacing the entire surface may be the only answer. For that reason, it’s extremely important to care for and clean your marble properly.
  • Stay away from acidic cleaners. Because you are trying to avoid etching, it’s important to avoid natural cleaners containing vinegar and lemon juice. While these are environmentally safe cleaners, they will leave the surface of your countertops looking dull.
  • Only use soft towels on the surface of your marble. Hard bristled brushes and scrapers will only damage the top of your marble.
  • Use marble cleaners. Instead of using multi-purpose cleaners or abrasive powders, purchase a quality marble cleaner. Your marble installers should have a few recommendations of good products to use.
  • If you don’t have a marble cleaner on hand, use a solution of warm water and gentle dish soap. If you don’t have a marble cleaner but need to clean your countertop, fill a spray bottle with warm water. Then add a tablespoon of gentle and non-abrasive dish soap. Avoid using oils and lemon juice. Shake the bottle to mix up the solution before spraying your countertop. Once applied, use a warm, wet dish cloth to wipe it clean. Use an absorbent towel to buff and dry the surface completely.
  • Be careful, your marble stains. Marble is a porous stone. Because of this, tomato juice, wine, mustard, and berries could all leave permanent marks on your stone. If you have marble in your bathroom, don’t leave makeup or hair products on the surface. You could end up with stains that are hard to remove.

        Whether you have marble bathroom counters or marble kitchen countertops in Cumming, your choice in stone has created a timeless and stylish atmosphere for your space. You owe it to your stone to take good care of it. By avoiding etching and only cleaning it with soft, gentle products, you’ll keep the surface smooth, shiny, and looking new.