Granite is a beautiful material that can be used throughout your home in the kitchen, bathroom, home office, and even the backyard BBQ! Granite is a definite upgrade for any home and proves over and over to be a great investment for homeowners looking to add value and beauty to their homes. Countertop installers in Atlanta are especially skilled at putting granite in any room of the house. If you’ve been contemplating new granite for your home, we recommend contacting a licensed professional to come to your home to take measurements and give you an estimate for your countertop installation cost.

In the Kitchen

The most common place for granite countertop installation is in the kitchen. This is an obvious choice for many homeowners because granite is a durable, natural product that holds up to the constant wear and use that kitchen surfaces get. Besides being durable, granite is beautiful and the stone comes in many different colors and patterns that make it a perfect fit for any kitchen design.

In the Bathroom

The bathroom is another great place for granite countertops. Once again, they hold up well to water, toothpaste, soap, curling irons, and continual use day after day. Once granite is sealed, it becomes resistant to heat and stains. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean up with just a wipe down of warm, soapy water and a towel. Homeowners and those seeking to buy a home are often impressed with homes that have the same granite throughout. It gives the home a cohesive feel and a perceived value that usually translates into a good return on your investment.

At Atlantis Granite & Marble, LLC, we love to see homeowners get creative with where they want to install granite. There are many other places your home where granite tops would be a fantastic application for the area.

In the Office

The office or den is a great place for a granite desktop, or as a topper for your cabinets and bookcases. It is sure to make the room feel like a place where good business gets done.

In the Laundry Room

Some homes have a room dedicated for laundry. If this is a space you have in your home, then it shouldn’t be a forgotten area. A washbasin and countertop for folding clothes is an ideal addition to this room of the house. Granite countertops will make it stand out.

In the Mudroom

Many new homes now have mudrooms that are made to look as high-end as the rest of the home. A mudroom with a granite-topped bench, coat hooks, and built-in lockers is a luxury for sure. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also very practical because of the easy cleanup. Everybody values a gorgeous and well-organized space.

In the Backyard

Can granite countertops be for outside the house? Absolutely! Just as with your kitchen inside the house, granite is a great choice for outdoor kitchens and barbecues. Talk about luxury living and increasing the value of your home! This is a place where you can clearly see money spent will be money earned when you hire Atlantis Granite & Marble LLC for your countertop installation.