When you need to install countertops in Marietta, many homeowners underestimate just how difficult it can be to create countertops on your own. The most common countertops in Marietta are composed of natural stone. These types of countertops are not only durable, but easy to handle and maintain. However, installing a brand new natural stone countertop is difficult. Natural stone can be heavy and installations are expensive. You might think doing it yourself is the cost-effective option, but here are a few reasons why a hiring a specialist is preferable.

Proper Support and Leveling

When you need to install a natural stone counter, the most important aspect is making sure that all the stone slabs line up properly across your cabinets. A countertop specialist understands how to adjust each slab of natural stone to ensure that each piece fits properly and that the surfaces are even across multiple cabinets. Natural stone countertops need to be given additional support. This support acts as a reinforcement to ensure that the stone won’t crack during installation or during the leveling process.

High-Quality Results

Mistakes or unintentional mishaps are common during countertop installations. These can include uneven slabs, incorrect grout work, unwanted grout lines, and cracks or fractures in the slabs. This is one of the primary reasons why a do-it-yourself alternative is not a cost-effective solution. The quality of self-installation is dependent on your own knowledge and expertise. If you lack the knowledge, you will get low-quality installation. Low quality installations result in faster wear and tear that can result in costly repairs to your countertops, which increases annual maintenance expenses. Hiring a specialist will minimize accidents and eliminate additional expenses by providing you with high-quality installation.

Faster and Easier Installation

Trying to install countertops yourself can be a time-consuming process, especially when you lack the knowledge about how to do it. While there are plenty of instructional videos and how-to guides available over the internet, the instructions for handling and installing natural stone countertops is not easy to understand. Additional information will be needed if mistakes or accidents occur. A specialist knows everything necessary to complete the job as well as what to do when mistakes occur. This allows them to perform the installation quickly and easily.

Right Tools for the Job

Specialists understand that countertop installations need to work around complex design features and angles, pop-up ventilation, and sinks. They carry all the tools they need to complete the job you want. High-quality installation requires specific materials and tools needed for cutting, lifting, balancing, and supporting the countertop materials as well as adding a backsplash. Natural stone countertops require state of the art power tools that are very expensive to purchase. You will need additional tools to handle both plumbing and electrical installation, which adds to your installation expenses. Let the specialist take care of these tasks. These tasks are included in your installation costs and you save time and money not buying tools you will never use again.

Minimizes Messy Cutting

It is not uncommon for the stone to be cut inside the house during installation. This might not sound like a problem until you realize that natural stone cutting can be very messy. When natural stone is being cut, it coats surrounding areas and furniture with excess dust. This dust can cause long term stains to your walls, windows, carpets, furniture, and other nearby objects. Cleaning and removing the dust is very difficult. Specialists take the time to seal off surrounding walls, floors, and furniture to capture dust before it can spread and dirty your home interior. Sometimes they will wet the natural stone before cutting it, which minimizes the amount of dust that spreads during the cutting process.