Marble countertops are an affordable, durable option for your kitchen. Providing an elegant, sleek look that can be customized to your exact liking, marble has long been a popular surface material for homeowners. Although marble can withstand a lot more than other countertop materials, you should still be looking after it properly. Ensuring the longevity of your new kitchen surfaces should be one of your top priorities. Doing so doesn’t require a whole lot of effort, and you’ll thank yourself for treating your countertops with the utmost care. By simply cleaning them regularly and being mindful of any messes, you’ll avoid jeopardizing the quality of your marble countertops and preserve them for years to come. If you’ve been browsing marble kitchen countertops in Atlanta or have recently had them installed, follow this guide on properly taking care of your beautiful kitchen surfaces.

Properly Seal Them

Seeing as marble is a rather porous stone, it’s prone to soaking in stains and chemicals that could cause damage. In order to properly protect the marble, you should apply a proven sealant. Penetrating sealants clog the pores within your marble countertops, thereby preventing substances from seeping into the stone. You should ask your installers which type of sealant should be used for your particular countertops. After you’ve received their recommendation, you can easily apply the sealant using a soft cloth. Sealants don’t last forever, and should be reapplied on a yearly basis.

Clean Regularly

When you fail to clean your kitchen surfaces on a daily basis, your sealant becomes less effective over time. Unattended spills and messes can further harm the marble and worsen its appearance rather quickly. To ensure your marble surfaces retain their attractive look, be sure to clean them regularly. Using a sponge or soft cloth to wipe down your countertops can make all the difference in the long run. Only use mild soaps when cleaning your kitchen surfaces, as abrasive cleaners can damage the sealant and make your marble vulnerable.

Use Trivets

While marble may be heat resistant, you should avoid placing hot plates and pans directly on your countertops. In order to keep your surfaces in tip-top shape, trivets are a must-have in your kitchen. They’re incredibly affordable, and can even enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. You should also be using coasters and placemats when serving on your countertops. Even though marble is a durable stone, you should do all that you can to preserve its integrity. Err on the side of caution when it comes to placing hot dishes on your marble surfaces.

Don’t Sit on Spills

If any food or beverage spills onto your countertop, you shouldn’t wait to clean up the mess. Grab a cloth or sponge and clear off the spill before it has time to soak into the marble. It doesn’t take long for a minor spill to cause discoloration within your marble, so be vigilant and tackle any spills before any stains set in. Have plenty of cutting boards handy so that you’re not exposing your countertops to harmful substances.

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