The design options for your kitchen are endless. Whether you prefer a farmhouse look or something more modern, there is a cabinet shape and countertop to match your style. While the aesthetics of your kitchen are important, it should also be functional. From reviewing granite countertops color in Cumming to choosing the finish on your concrete, there’s a lot to consider. To ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to countertops, here’s what you need to know about the different materials.

Natural Stone

The most commonly chosen countertop materials are created from natural stone. Marble and granite are probably the most popular. Both of these countertops are extremely resilient. Marble is less stain-resistant, but beautiful all the same. Soapstone and slate are also considered natural stone countertop options. While there aren’t as many color and pattern selections, it’s a great way to add a matte finished surface to your kitchen. All of the natural stone options require a sealant as a way to avoid permanent staining. It’s also important to avoid cutting or scratching the surface of these countertops as it can lead to etching, which is a permanent dull spot within the stone.

Solid Surfaces

If you have children, you need a countertop that is highly resilient and stain-resistant. Solid surfaces such as Avonite and Corian are crafted out of acrylic, polyester, or a combination of both. While not a natural stone, these solid surfaces come in hundreds of patterns that are renewable and repairable.

Plastic Laminate

Formica, also known as plastic laminate, is a durable material that is an excellent alternative to natural stone or solid surfaces. Because there are hundreds of different patterns and colors, it’s easy to find a style that matches your kitchen. While Formica is considerably less expensive than other options, it’s important to verify the grade and quality of the product before having it installed.


Not every beautiful countertop is made out of stone. Wood is making a comeback. With the emergence of the farmhouse look, butcher block has become increasingly popular among homeowners. These countertops are usually made out of rock maple, teak, walnut, cherry, and oak. While this is a beautiful option, it requires quite a bit more maintenance than other countertops. Wood is the most susceptible to stains and damage. It’s also the hardest to clean due to its grain.


If you are a fan of modern design, a concrete countertop may be the right option. Unlike sidewalks and other cement structures, there is no need to wait for the poured concrete to set in molds on your countertop. Instead, these precast molded slabs are delivered and fully finished to your kitchen. Not only are they smooth, but they are honed and sealed to prevent staining. Concrete slabs also contain wire mesh, metal rebar, or fiberglass fibers to ensure that cracking doesn’t occur.

Whether you are in the middle of a remodel or getting ready to build your dream home, selecting the right finishes make all of the difference. By understanding the different types of countertops in Marietta and choosing the best one to fit your needs, you’ll end up with a fully functional and beautiful kitchen when all is said and done.