Two little words: white marble. It’s one of the most beautiful, classically elegant countertop materials you could buy — but it’s also risky. That is, unless you heed the following advice.

Countertop specialists near Atlanta recommend white marble for its unsurpassed beauty, but only if you’re willing to give it the maintenance work it deserves. Is the aesthetic appeal of white marble worth the risk? Is it actually as risky as it’s made out to be, or does it just need a little TLC?

Here are some basic facts about white marble, and most importantly, some basic care tips to keep your marble countertops looking luxurious for years.

Marble: An Introduction

Marble is a natural stone, and one that’s amazingly long-lasting. As a building material, marble is virtually unstoppable. Marble structures like the Parthenon in Greece are still standing today, thousands of years later. When it comes to countertops, though, could marble be out of its element?

Marble is naturally porous, which means that tiny holes or pores in the surface of the stone are penetrable by liquids and moisture. Where moisture goes, bacteria and fungi can follow.

This also means that marble surfaces like countertops can stain easily because the surface will soak up those many spills we all have. To make them slightly less porous, marble surfaces are finished with a protective coat. However, this coat does wear down over time.

So imagine having a porous surface that’s also white. Like a cream-colored carpet, white marble can stain very easily. And, unlike virtually every other marble color, white marble will show the stains. It’s important to assume that maintenance tasks like re-sealing should be factored into the cost estimate of buying your white marble countertops.

The Appeal

So why does anyone buy white marble? Why invest your hard-earned money into such a delicate stone? Well, simply gaze upon a single slab of the stuff and you’ll understand.

Marble has been used for construction projects for millennia because of its aesthetic appeal. It’s the perfect match for any kitchen or bathroom, whether your style is crisp and minimal, masculine and industrial, Old World traditional, bohemian, or charming and eclectic. Marble, especially white marble, always matches its surroundings, then steals the spotlight.

The unmistakably smooth, milky look of white marble, streamed with long, elegant veins of rich black and gray, is so beautiful, that most people fall in love with it right away. Italian White Carrera marble is particularly famous worldwide for its sublime beauty. Just look to manufactured materials like quartz and solid surface countertops, and you’ll find many imitation white marble surfaces that, as hard as they try, just can’t compare to authentic white marble. It simply has no equal; that’s why people love it.

Like every relationship, your love of marble will require some work on your end — but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

The best way to start your journey with white marble, though, is to look in the right spot. Visit Atlantis Granite & Marble to see some slabs of authentic white marble for yourself. Their countertop installers in Atlanta will help you maintain clean, great-looking marble for decades.