Marble is one of the most beloved materials used throughout human history. Naturally rich in color and texture, brilliantly stylish, durable, and long-lasting, marble is perfect for countertops in modern homes and businesses. However, your marble surface is only as good as your design choices and care habits. After all, marble may be beautiful, but there’s a difference between a good countertop surface and a perfect fit that’s been carefully selected for a certain application. Also, marble won’t last forever if you don’t care for it.

If you’re interested in selecting marble bathroom countertops in Alpharetta, pay attention to these ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts.’

Do: Protect Them

Marble is incredibly durable, but it has one very special vulnerability. It needs to be protected from acids, which happen to be common in foods you eat and beverages you drink. Tomato sauce, wine, and citrus fruits can damage marble countertops, discoloring them and even leaving behind blotches. Clean messes right away, and use placemats and coasters. If you’re going to install bathroom countertops made from marble, protect them from acetone and other damaging chemicals. Keep beauty and hygiene products on a towel or decorative tray for extra layers of protection against stains.

Don’t: Use Just Any Cleaning Product

Marble isn’t meant to be exposed to certain cleaning products, including bleach and disinfectant cleaners. These products contain acids and other compounds that can break down the protective coat on top of a marble surface. When this happens, marble is vulnerable to more stains and etching.

There are stone cleaners that are specifically formulated to clean, protect, and beautify marble. Ask countertops installers for product recommendations if you want to ensure you use the best cleaner possible.

Do: Clean Them Often

Maintain your marble’s beautiful coloring. Like granite countertops color, marble color is unique and adds style to any room. Even though marble is water-resistant, it’s important to clean your marble surfaces regularly to prevent stains and damage like etching. Clean them with a soft cloth and specialized stone cleaner at least once a week. Clean marble surfaces after cooking, and wipe them as soon as something spills on them.

Don’t: Place Too Much Weight on Them

Marble is one of the most durable custom countertops options but, by no means, is marble invincible. In fact, thin surfaces like slabs for countertops can break or crack if you place excess weight on them. They can typically handle weight as high as that of the average small appliance (like a standing mixer or toaster oven). Anything heavier belongs in lower cabinets or on the floor. Absolutely avoid sitting or standing on marble surfaces.

Do: Learn More Before You Buy

Contact professional countertops designers to find the most beautiful and elegant slab to match your bathrooms or kitchen. Professionals can help you find a naturally colorful slab and then cut custom slabs to fit perfectly in the room. They can also offer advice on different materials like granite that may be more suitable for your lifestyle.

If you have any more questions about designing marble surfaces, caring for marble, or re-sealing a surface, contact Atlantis Granite & Marble. You can learn everything you want to know about kitchen and bathroom countertops in Alpharetta.