If you’re looking to redesign your bathrooms, you need to invest in high-quality materials that suit a modern aesthetic. Nowadays, bathrooms are using a designer touch for unique and beautiful environments that also have a spa-like ambiance. Indulge at home by creating a bathroom that is designed to make you feel calm, while providing privacy so you can relieve stress. For a soothing atmosphere, focus on quality materials over excess decor and unused trinkets. Today’s designer touch takes beautiful, natural materials imbued with elegant color and texture and makes these features a priority of the design scheme. Paired with excellent appliances like porcelain tubs or high-tech, water-saving showers, great bathroom materials, including granite countertops for surfaces like vanities and shower shelves, will make your new bathroom stand out.

So, you may want to consider your custom countertops options in Marietta before you buy. However, an excellent alternative to customizing countertops is investing in fabricated granite. Fabricated, or pre-fab, granite is a perfect choice for updating your bathrooms. Here’s why.


If you choose fabricated countertops for kitchen or bathroom surfaces, you invest in a durable material that is crafted to withstand everyday use, including water exposure, which is a must for bathrooms. Fabricated granite can tolerate use without becoming infested with bacteria or mold. These countertops are made of cut and polished granite that are engineered to be perfect for homes. Unlike other countertops materials, fabricated granite offers extreme durability and strength.

Quick Installation

Fabricated granite countertops are pre-crafted into shapes that are perfect for bathroom countertops. Installation is as simple as inviting a granite expert over to seal them in place over your choice of vanity furniture. It is a quick process, which means that you pay less for installation costs. Also, you get the benefit of investing in ready-to-install countertops, so you do not have to wait for custom granite slabs–ordered in advance–to be cut and shaped precisely for your bathroom.

Low Price

If you find a granite company near you, you can ask for their countertops estimate cost before you buy, and you will find that fabricated granite is a far less expensive option than custom slabs. While this might sound like a trade-off, fabricated slabs come in a variety of styles and shapes that are suitable for nearly every vanity. Redesigning your bathroom around your choice of fabricated countertops is a great approach to design, as it makes this inexpensive material the centerpiece of your bathroom.


Fabricated countertops are made of real granite, so you get the elegant shine, polished appearance and variety of colors that make granite such a popular item for bathroom renovations and remodels. While you have several custom countertops options in Marietta, investing in fabricated countertops offers you the same level of style and beauty, with a low price, durability that will last many years, and fast installation so that you can have your renovated bathroom in a matter of days.