There is no easier way to transform your kitchen than with new white quartz countertops. Shiny white counters are sure to add a modern twist, creating an open and welcoming space. Plus, quartz is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. If you’re considering white quartz countertops in Alpharetta, read on to learn the many benefits.

Quartz Is Durable

Forget chips and scratches. Quartz counters are manufactured from at least 90% pure ground minerals. The rest is made of polymers, pigments, and resin to hold everything together. As long as you care for your counter and seal it yearly, it should last a lifetime.

If you’re worried about corrosion from exposure to acid, you can know that most quartz counters have an acid-based surface, making them non-porous and unlikely to corrode. Additionally, most countertops installers in Alpharetta will offer a warranty with your new counters. Quartz is a very hard and durable mineral, but a warranty will give you peace of mind.

Quartz Meets Your Budget

If you’re looking into installing quality countertops in Alpharetta, know that quartz can fit almost any budget. You can expect to pay roughly $50 per square foot of counter. This means that quartz is less expensive than natural stone, but can still look like natural stone. For example, white quartz countertops may mimic marble. Installing beautiful granite kitchen countertops in Alpharetta is also a wonderful option, but for those who cannot afford granite, quartz may be a perfect alternative.

Quartz Is Beautiful

Every kitchen is unique and you may have a vision of exactly what type of counters you want to have. When considering custom countertops options in Alpharetta, know that quartz is available in a wide range of colors and designs. White countertops, for example, may be sparkling or have a slight cream-colored tint. Quartz counters can also incorporate multiple colors into one counter. In the past options for quartz counters were much more limited, but now customers can even have quartz countertops made to order. There is a color and style for everyone!

Safe, Hygienic, and Easy-to-Use

Compared to natural stone counters, quartz is incredibly easy to maintain. Simply wipe it down from time to time and your counters will stay beautiful, fitting any busy family’s schedule. It’s best to place hot pads down before setting hot dishes on quartz, but it is resistant the burning. It’s also resistant to scratches and corrosion. Best of all, quartz’s smooth surface makes it difficult for bacteria and other pathogens to take hold, which means that quartz is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

The Beauty of White Quartz Countertops

If you’re considering color options for your counters, white quartz countertops in Alpharetta are a wonderful possibility. White instantly brightens a kitchen and brings the high-class feeling of marble to a space without the high price tag. White also matches with any color scheme and, like marble, always looks modern and fashionable. White quartz pairs well with wood, tile, and other stone. It also fits in a wide range of homes, from modern houses to small cottages. If you’re drawn to the many benefits of quartz counters, consider white quartz counters.