The job of installing new countertops for your kitchen can either be done by yourself or by hiring countertop specialists near Marietta. However, there are a few circumstances when trying to install a countertop yourself would not be recommended. This often happens due to the specialized skills and tools required for proper installation. Here are a few other benefits to hiring a professional countertop specialist.

Complex Skills

When a countertop project is simple, it is usually best to save money and try to complete the installation yourself. However, when projects require complex tasks such as material cutting, laminating, or reshaping, hiring a countertop specialist is the better alternative. Stone and other countertop materials need to be cut to fit your appliances, sinks, and other kitchen features. This requires special tools and a knowledge of the correct cutting procedures. The same can be said when your kitchen has unique angles or unusually shaped kitchen counters and islands.

Minimize Mistakes

Amateur mistakes add to your expenses since you have to replace broken or damaged materials yourself. Countertop specialists have the skills and knowledge necessary to do their jobs properly the first time around. Any mistakes that occur do not add to your installation expenses. If countertops require sealing or being laminated, professionals take the time to ensure these seals are done properly to prevent food and bacteria from damaging or deteriorating your countertops.  

Proper Handling

While countertops are designed to be durable, some of the materials required to create countertops can be fragile and very expensive. Certain materials, such as soapstone and granite, can break easily if they are installed incorrectly. They can be very heavy to lift as well, and trying to lift the stone yourself can chip or crack the material. A specialist can carefully measure the material and has the expertise and special tools needed. Additional crew members can be hired for lifting and setting the heavy countertop slabs. Specialized contractors provide additional skills when plumbing might need to be re-routed or if you are adding a new sink, garbage disposal, or dishwasher.

Quality Workmanship

It is important that you hire a countertop specialist that is certified and trustworthy. Certified specialists have the paperwork to show that they have the expertise and knowledge to complete the countertop installation. It is also important that they are willing to make a legal, written contract with you. This ensures that they are holding themselves liable if the installation they perform does not meet your requirements and expectations. Trustworthy countertop specialists always ensure that the jobs that they perform are of the highest quality. This includes using top quality materials for your countertops and that the installation process runs as smoothly as possible.

Increasing House Values

Anytime a kitchen or any room of your household is renovated using high-quality materials, the overall value of your house increases. Yet such value increases can vary, especially if the countertop colors or pattern are too specific. Neutral colors and patterns are recommended to attract house buyers. Specialized contractors can help you choose the right materials to help maximize your home’s value. You also want to make sure that the countertops are not only visually appealing but are made of study materials and properly sealed when necessary. This is necessary to ensure the new countertops are durable and will last.