Remodeling a kitchen can often be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your custom countertops options. The task can appear extra daunting when you realize just how many types of material there are to choose from. In this post, we make it a bit easier by showing you some of the following benefits of quartzite. Here at Atlantis Granite & Marble, LLC, we are well aware that you have many options. Quartzite is a great choice for many reasons—here are just a few of the best ones.

Don’t Go over Budget

We know you have a budget in mind for your project and whatever that budget amount is, there is very likely a quartzite option that fits within that. Quartzite countertops come in a range of prices, so if you are looking for something exquisite that won’t break the bank, quartzite countertops in Atlanta could work for you.

Choose Something Strong

Quartzite is a natural stone that is similar to granite in regard to hardness and porosity. With quartzite, you will be able to have a completely natural countertop material that can withstand heat and other damage as long as it is sealed and cared for.  

If you want something durable that will stand the test of time better than many other products, quartzite is a great choice. Because it is so strong, quartzite is also highly resistant to scratches. Other products such as granite and manufactured quartzite are also scratch resistant when sealed and maintained properly. Even if you do choose a countertop material that seems invincible, it’s still a good idea to always use a cutting board.

Go Ahead and Spill on It

As long as you keep your quartzite countertops sealed about once a year, they will be able to withstand stains. Just clean up spills as they happen like you would with any other material and your quartzite countertop will maintain its shine.

Because quartzite is a completely natural material, stains can go below the surface without a proper seal. When it’s sealed as often as it should be, cleanup is a breeze.

It’s Natural

If you want natural beauty in your home, you can’t go wrong with quartzite. The slabs are literally mined from the earth’s crust and later cut into the perfect shape. Quartzite’s color is usually white or gray, but it is possible to find other colors as well. The other colors in the quartzite mean iron oxide or other minerals impacted the color.

Natural also means you won’t find two slabs that are exactly the same. You will find different streaking and patterns from slab to slab because of the different degrees of pressure that occurred during its formation. While you may not have the color choices you would get with other materials such as quartz, you know what you get will be high quality, completely natural, and unique.

You have many different options available to you in terms of countertops when you are planning a kitchen remodel, or even if your kitchen needs a quick sprucing up. Quartzite countertops may be a good choice for these and many other reasons. Talk to a professional today about the many benefits of this material.