If you’re looking for the best-quality countertops for your home kitchen and bathrooms, look no further than Black Galaxy granite. From the spectacular beauty of this intensely dark granite to the low countertop installation cost in Sandy Springs, there are almost too many good reasons to consider this product. In fact, kitchen and bathroom design experts have considered Black Galaxy granite to be the best countertop surfaces in 2019.

Here are the top reasons why you should know about Black Galaxy granite, and why it should top your home improvement list.


Black Galaxy granite will be one of the most talked-about countertop materials in 2019, and everyone from design experts to installers will be recommending this gorgeous variety of natural, quarried granite.

This relatively new stone was found in southern India in the 1970’s. It belongs to the gabbro family of stone, igneous rock that’s naturally rich in iron and magnesium because of the rocks and soil that are compressed to form the granite.

All of these properties add up to a beautiful and practical stone. Here are some of the top reasons why they make perfect countertops in a kitchen or bathroom.


Mystical and eye-catching, Black Galaxy granite is notable for its rich, black coloring, mixed with gorgeous gold flecks that naturally occur within the stone. It gets its name for its cosmos-like appearance, as spirals of gold appear like stars and planets lighting a black expanse of space, and gentle swaths of light green or white contribute to a galaxy look that inspires wonder. Look for Grade A, large galaxy granite, which is low in distracting veins and has naturally intense gold detailing.

Almost no other countertop material could rival this naturally mystical beauty. Give it a polished finish to highlight to depth of color in this natural granite.


Authentic, natural materials are the true design focus of 2019 homes. Gone are the days where ornately detailed cabinetry or fussy home decor overwhelm the look of your kitchen or bathrooms. Instead, simple and richly textured materials, like rusted steel and deeply grained walnut, are more popular alternatives. There’s no need to decorate over materials like Black Galaxy granite, which is detailed enough on its own, and deserves its place as the true highlight of your kitchen and bathrooms.


Black Galaxy granite has earned an impressive 4.5 out of 5 on Moh’s scale of hardness, which means that it nearly rivals quartz in terms of durability, but for a much lower price than some brands of partially man-made quartz. Black Galaxy granite countertops can resist weight, sharp objects, heat, and so much more.

These countertops don’t just look great; they’re practical for everyday use, and may even outlive every other product in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Ease of Care

While some granite countertops can be fairly high-maintenance, Black Galaxy granite is unique in one amazing way: it doesn’t need to be sealed. Some granite countertops require annual or semi-annual re-sealing, but Black Galaxy granite cares for itself. Just wash it with light dish soap and warm water, then pat it dry, especially after exposing the surface to acidic foods and drinks. Other than that, avoid applying harsh, blunt force to the surface, and voila: you have one of the most low-maintenance materials on the market.

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