Choosing the right countertops for your bathroom remodel can be an adventure, what with all the choices you have available. Talk to a professional who is familiar with all the many different types to help you decide which material to use for your project. Here are some of the different types of countertop materials you have to choose from as well as some of their advantages.


There are a lot of advantages to granite countertops, whether in your kitchen or your bathroom. Granite is a wildly popular material with new homeowners especially, so if your goal is to sell your home at some point, granite might be the way to go. Granite is also much more affordable than it used to be, since there are various grades of granite to choose from. Granite is wear- and heat-resistant, so you will have a more durable countertop for a considerably longer period of time.


Marble is also heat- and wear-resistant, and like granite, increases the likelihood of your home flying off the market in a resale situation. Marble stains easily so it is important to make sure that you clean up spills immediately after they happen. Like any countertop option, however, some maintenance is expected and required to keep it looking great. This is not a factor that is limited to marble by any means.


Quartz can be a very attractive material to use on your countertop, and this material is a relatively new choice in the realm of kitchen countertop furnishing. Quartz comes in a wide variety of colors, similar to marble and granite, with a lustrous finish that gives it an elegant appeal. Quartz is incredibly durable and won’t chip or crack easily, with a wear resistance that matches concrete and granite. The material isn’t very porous, which is a plus for being resistant to stains from food product, even standing up to wine, oil, juice, tomato, and coffee very well. This lack of porousness also means that the countertop won’t be harboring secret bacteria after you clean it. All-in-all, quartz is an excellent countertop choice.

Tile and Wood

Material choices for home countertops have transitioned over the years. There was a time when tile and wood were far more popular than granite and marble. Why have things changed? Although tile is a clean surfacing with an aesthetic appeal, the maintenance and wear on tile has made them less popular over time—plus bacteria and debris can get into the grout and be harder to clean than smooth surfaces.

Well, what about wood? The time and place for wood as a kitchen countertop material is also fading out. It can be tricky to get the right seal for a wood that properly prevents it from the kind of scuffing, water damage, and wear that a countertop should expect. Then there’s the issue that wood is incredibly porous, which means it’s a prime location for bacteria to grow. These factors have encouraged the fade-out of wood as a countertop material of choice over time in place of more solid materials.

Granite, marble and quartz are lovely, sturdy, choices in countertop material that give your kitchen the aura of luxury that you really want. Choosing bathroom countertops in Atlanta from Atlantis Granite & Marble LLC should be a fun experience. Whether you choose granite, marble, quartz, or something else entirely, make sure you give yourself time to review the benefits and qualities of each material to make the choice that makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle.