If you’re looking for the best countertops for your bathrooms, kitchen, or outdoor entertainment spaces, look no further than granite and quartz. While granite has been popular for decades, quartz is soaring in popularity nowadays due to its numerous benefits. Here’s a simple breakdown of granite and quartz that can help you decide between these two premium materials. From the new countertops installation cost in Atlanta to their hardiness, here’s what you need to know about both granite and quartz surfaces.

Basic Differences

Granite is a natural stone and a type of igneous rock formed when minerals underground are subjected to intense heat, pressure, and long periods of time. Granite is quarried deep underground, then eventually cut into slabs for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

Quartz, meanwhile, is a semi-natural surface material. Sometimes referred to as “engineered quartz,” this is a fairly new type of surface being used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. It’s made of ground pieces of real quartz stone and polymer resins. While the real quartz pieces offer natural beauty and brilliance, the resins offer enhanced durability and longevity.


Both granite and quartz are great options for kitchens and bathrooms. They’re both durable against moisture, heat, cold, and scratches. However, granite is also a popular choice for outdoor kitchens and bars, and even poolside bars. But granite, unlike quartz, must be re-sealed regularly to protect its beauty.

Quartz tends to come at a higher price, which is why quartz retailers tend to recommend against installing them outdoors, where they’re more susceptible to damage. But you can use quartz to install bathroom countertops, as well as shower walls, backsplash, and more. Because it’s less porous than granite, it’s hardier against moisture and other elements. It also never needs to be re-sealed, and may never need repairs, making it an appropriate surface for any renovation project.


Both materials are known for their sublime beauty. Granite is one of the most popular types of countertops because it’s naturally detailed. Minerals within the quartz vary and contribute to its unique natural coloring, which can range from pink and brown to green and black. Granite countertops’ color is also notable for the presence of secondary and tertiary hues. A slab of blue granite, for instance, may contain hints of gray and white freckles.

Quartz is harder to identify because it’s made to resemble other types of surfaces. However, you can identify quartz by a shiny, hard, and non-porous surface that’s a little more superficial in color than granite.


If you’re going for a more pared-down, minimalist look, then granite may not be the right material for you. Because of the rich and diverse mineral content in granite, it’s hard to find granite slabs that have a smooth, simple look. However, its granular look is great for those who want a intensely textured surface that needs little decoration in order to look beautiful.

Quartz, meanwhile, is one of the most versatile surfaces out there. Because its fine stone particles are bound in manmade resins, you can make quartz look like virtually anything, from colorful and detailed granite to smooth and subtle marble, and so much more. Quartz surfaces can have an illustrious smoothness that’s perfect for kitchens that want to make a grand statement with simple, polished, and non-fussy design.


Natural or semi-natural stone countertops come at a premium, especially because they’re unique and timelessly stylish. However, both granite and quartz are far superior to cheap surface options, like linoleum or solid surface countertops.

That being said, granite is one of the most affordable custom countertops options out there, especially compared to quartz. But you may need to pay for re-sealing on occasion. Custom quartz surfaces are luxurious and top-quality and will likely never need any type of future repairs or service. Of course, this hardiness comes at top dollar.

If you shop smart, you can find excellent surfaces like granite and quartz at a great price. Start with Atlantis Granite & Marble for the best countertops at hard-to-beat prices, including a low countertops installation cost in Atlanta.