Bathroom countertops should be among the most eye-catching and alluring features of any bathroom. The vanity acts as the centerpiece, around which other appliances and fixtures tend to rely. It’s also where you have the most opportunities to decorate. There are only so many different ways to design a tub or shower, and even fewer design options for the toilet. However, your vanity is essentially a blank slate that you get to design however you want, so long as it has the necessities of a sink and durable, beautiful countertops.

But what type of countertops should you choose? A simple, classic sink will do in any bathroom, but boring countertops aren’t the type of design flaw you can get away with. Therefore, you should shop for high-quality materials like granite, and find granite countertops prices in Brookhaven that suit your budget.

Natural stone like granite, marble, or quartzite comes in a variety of colors, but which color should you choose? Follow these tips to make the right choice.

  • Choose natural colors for a bathroom that includes earth tones like tan or forest green. Opt for metallic colors like pure white or black to match with cobalt and other colors not seen in nature.
  • Countertops installers can help you coordinate different countertops colors in a tile pattern. For a simple, easy to match solution, try black and white countertops tiles.
  • Granite often comes with a variety of color depth. If you prefer are more complex color scheme to a simple, flat design, choose marble or laminate, which are more likely to be uniform in color.
  • Your bathroom countertops should match their surroundings, even as much as they attract the eye. You can either choose a complementary or contrast color.
  • Complementary colors match directly with other features in the bathroom, like the wall or flooring. Installing complementary countertops creates uniform appearance.
  • Contrast colors match with other features and materials in a room without replicating them. For instance, if you have sea blue walls and tan hardwood floors, deep brown granite would act as a complement.
  • If you’re unsure how to choose contrasting colors, try using an online color wheel. Color wheels help you create bathroom palettes that look beautiful and cohesive together.
  • If you prefer a simple and clean bathroom, keep your color choices to a minimum. However, if you have more artistic and eclectic tastes, feel free to choose colorful granite for your vanities.
    • Don’t fret if you feel that you don’t know where to start. At the very least, you can’t go wrong with white marble, especially if it has streaks and veins of black. Almost nothing will clash with such a beautiful material.
    • There’s a returning trend of waterfall countertops, as well as stone surrounds. These design choices involve sticking to a single color and very similar if not exact materials on the countertops, walls, shower, and floor.

    You may be hesitant to shop for stone countertops because of their higher price tag. However, you can find low granite countertops prices in Brookhaven if you know where to look.