When it comes to family time and entertainment, there’s hardly a better way to bring people together and make new memories than with outdoor kitchens in Sandy Springs. This is especially true when the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, as that’s when you really want to be outside! Beautiful weather and a delicious meal outside are tough to beat. Many backyard chefs are jumping at the opportunity to make meals outside, and this means a step up from the traditional rolling barbecue cart and paper plates and cutlery. Now more than ever before, permanent outdoor kitchens are trending, with homeowners everywhere wanting to get in on the movement toward beautiful grills, stovetops, sinks, and seating areas. Natural stone countertops like granite and marble are the perfect touch to top off a fully functional kitchen where your family can make memories for years to come. Here are a few things you should keep in mind for your gorgeous outdoor kitchen design.

Landscape & Layout

As with any big home project, you need to settle on a specific design layout so that everything goes to plan. You can do this by taking a close look at your backyard and letting your imagination paint a mental picture of what you most want from this outdoor kitchen. Whether you want to add the kitchen to your existing patio space, or you’re looking to do a full makeover complete with a swimming pool and a fireplace, getting the layout right is crucial. This depends partially on the actual space of your yard, as there will be some limitations there, as well as personal preference. Some people have beautiful yet somewhat basic outdoor kitchens with a simple grill and countertop, while others add lots of amenities from a brick pizza oven, specialized wine coolers, kegerators, full-size refrigerators, and commercial-grade kitchen appliances, to name a few. Depending on your decision, your completed outdoor kitchen will probably be one of these three layouts: Modular (standalone components such as a bar, grill or sink); Kitchen kits (built-in grill and sink as part of premade outdoor kitchen islands); or Custom built-in kitchens (larger landscapes with lots of extras, from modular pieces and fancy add-ons for a luxurious feel).

Countertop Components

One of the most important aspects of your outdoor kitchen will be the countertops. Choosing the right kind, which is gorgeous to look at and long-lasting in the outdoor elements, is key to complementing your kitchen layout and features. When you install countertops in Sandy Springs, you want to make sure you’ve settled on the perfect surface to elevate your outdoor kitchen experience. Some of the most popular and preferred options for outdoor kitchen countertops are natural stone and granite. These surfaces, including marble kitchen countertops, are long-lasting, durable and low maintenance, all while creating an undeniably beautiful look. These qualities make such materials ideal for outdoor kitchen projects, regardless of the final designs, as these countertops will look great with anything and everything!

Creating a cohesive and unique look will allow you to bring your ideas and vision to life. If you want to work with a professional countertop company to ensure your project flows smoothly, get in touch with your local natural stone experts at Atlantis Granite & Marble! Your dream outdoor kitchen awaits!