Granite countertops are treasured worldwide. They’re famously durable, resistant to moderate heat and cold, easy to clean, and–most importantly–they’re absolutely beautiful. Granite bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops are so colorful and naturally shiny that they can center any design scheme. Their multitudes of colors make matching easy, as they can represent the color wheel around which you design any room. Even better, granite is cheaper than some other higher-end materials, like quartz and marble. The prices of granite countertops are reasonable, as well, so even homeowners on a budget can bring home true sophistication.

No matter what design scheme you’re after, granite is the ultimate surface. But which type of granite is the most popular in 2019 and has the most striking effect? Look no further than dark, intense, and sophisticated granite countertops. Dark granite is one of the top kitchen and bathroom design trends of 2019. Read on to learn more about this trend, and find out which granite countertops color is right for your home kitchen or bathroom design.

A Case for Black Granite

Pink, brown, and white granite have all been overwhelmingly popular for years, but in 2019, great designers are recommending a move toward darker surfaces, like black granite. You might expect black granite to have less color variety than other, lighter surfaces, but black is just as colorful and shiny. It’s also more sophisticated and mature-looking. Black with a touch of veining can even resemble black marble, a higher-end but costlier and more high-maintenance product.

If you’re concerned about black being too intense or dark for your kitchen, there are many varieties of navy blue and dark gray granite, too. These are just as trendy, and the notes of another color like blue or white actually makes dark granite surfaces easier to blend into a design scheme.

Dark and Light

Intense and dramatic color schemes are definitely in for 2019. Pair dark surfaces like navy blue granite with bold-colored cabinetry and walls, and you’ll have an eye-catching design that’s a far cry from the boring, white-and-tan kitchens of former years.

If you’re worried about color overtaking a room, be sure to pair dark with light. Look for the notes of light gray in a black granite surface, and paint your walls in this lighter hue. The balance of light and dark gives kitchens and bathrooms more texture and visual interest. You won’t even have to decorate your kitchen because its materials will already be full of personality.

Dark Palettes

Pair dark granite countertops with a dark flooring and even a dark, painted ceiling. The dimension of dark hues will solve a common complaint people have with dark colors: they can make a room appear smaller. Soften the palette with lighter backsplash and wall paint, then balance the entire room with a medium cabinetry hue, like bold cerulean blue.

Plenty of lighting, metallic hardware, and metallic appliances will give more light and the illusion of space to your kitchen. If you can achieve this look you’ll have a very trendy kitchen or bathroom that definitely won’t go out of style.

If you want to learn more about designing with granite bathroom countertops or granite kitchen countertops in Sandy Springs, visit Atlantis Granite & Marble. We are experienced granite retailers and installers, and can advise your design process for a more impressive and luxurious home.