If you’re planning to get a new countertop, there are many materials to choose from, each with distinct benefits. However, when you shop for your dream surface, it’s important not to forget the countertop installation cost.

But who should install countertops in your home? Should you DIY or leave it to a professional countertop installer? These are the pros and cons of each option.


As with virtually any home project, doing it yourself means saving money that you’d otherwise have to spend on installation costs. While you may be willing to spend money to select or even customize your kitchen countertops, you may not want to front the additional costs of delivering and installing the product in your kitchen.

Some people enjoy the time and effort it takes learning a new skill and putting it to use. Or, some prefer to cut costs and do it themselves. If you’re willing to experiment with your kitchen in this way, then DIY may be for you.

Plus, you get to enjoy the proud feeling of knowing that you installed your own countertops. Every time you enter your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll see that you pulled off that project and improved your own home. Of course, this assumes that you actually do the job correctly, and are willing to put up with potential repair costs. Note that some surfaces are easier to install than others. Laminate and ceramic tile surfaces can be installed if you have a fair amount of home construction and installation knowledge.


Professional work may come at a price, but it may actually save you money down the line. DIY countertop installation can be more costly than it sounds, especially if you make an error. For instance, you may not know that granite countertops can be brittle or even break before they’re installed. You may also fail to seal them properly, which can drastically shorten their life span. Poor measurements or installation handiwork can make your kitchen or bathroom actually look worse, which adds up to a total waste of money on new materials.

Plus, pros are familiar with the time and effort that it takes to install surfaces. Doing this work on your own can mean sacrificing an incredible amount of free time.

When a Pro Is Necessary

There are some cases in which it’s just not worth it to DIY the job, or it’s quite simply impossible. Jobs that require advanced tools like scribing tools, jigsaws, and sealants will make DIY costs skyrocket. You’re better leaving these jobs to a professional who already has the tools and chemicals needed to pull off stone countertop installation.

Also, if you’re dealing with a valuable material like quartz kitchen countertops, the risk is just too high. Quartz is a high-end, gorgeous, and incredibly long-lasting material, so reconsider installing it yourself. Even a small installation error can make waste of the price you’ve paid for such excellent material.

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