Sell Your Home Faster

If you’re trying to sell your home and still have the old countertops of yesteryear in your home, installing granite is a good way to get more people looking at your home. Many real estate agents live by the motto that “kitchens sell homes.” If yours looks shiny and new with granite, your house may actually sell faster and for more money.

One of a Kind Look

Because granite is a stone, each slab will have natural variations and colors running through it. The result is countertops that look very different and unique. With granite, you’re definitely getting a one of a kind look that’s impossible to find anywhere else.

Perfectly Flat Surface

With some countertops materials, you get a little bit of grit or small variations in the surface, not so with granite. Granite is cut in flat slabs, so that you can enjoy a more useful and sleek looking kitchen countertop.

Variety of Designs Available

Another reason many homeowners prefer granite countertops is because there’s such a wide variety of available designs. From the way the edges curve around the perimeter of the kitchen countertops to the color and style of your granite, the choice is yours.

Durability and Long-Lasting

Granite is a highly durable material and as tough stone, will last a long time. You can cut on it because it doesn’t scratch easily. With proper sealing and regular maintenance, your granite will be highly heat and scratch resistant.

Resistant to Dirt and Bacteria

If you have younger kids at home, then you probably know how often spills and dirt happen. Although granite is a porous material, if it’s sealed properly by a professional, it’s resistant to bacteria and staining. You’ll still want to wipe up spills right away but if you can’t get to it right that second, you’re probably not out your investment.

Easy to Maintain

Granite countertops are actually really easy to maintain. Although you still need to make sure it’s properly sealed, a countertops professional will tell you that all you need is a damp soapy cloth to wipe your countertops. In fact, you can put away all those harsh chemicals that you might have used on your other countertops, because those are likely to damage the seal on your new beautiful granite.

There are many reasons to install granite kitchen countertops in Brookhaven. In your bathroom or in your kitchen or both, granite can be a sturdy countertop material that will last years to come. Talk to granite countertops professionals about granite countertops prices in Brookhaven to get started.