Using shades of gray in home decor is nothing new. It’s been a mainstay for both professional and DIY interior designers in Georgia for at least the last 6 to 7 years. You can make a statement with the color gray in any room in your home. The trend may have started in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, but it’s also a fantastic color choice for bathrooms. If you’re looking for a way to give your bathroom a fresh, new look, read this post. Read what the experts who install bathroom countertops in Roswell say about enhancing your decor with gray granite.

Use Gray Countertops as a Foundation

When selecting the décor elements in a home, most designers choose one or two main focal points. The focal point is the element that stands out. It’s what draws the eyes when a person enters a room. Gray countertops make a neutral focal point. If you did nothing more than installing the countertops, they could easily stand on their own. Next, we’ll look at a few shades of gray and ways you can use gray countertops to make an interior design statement.

The Warm End of the Gray Spectrum

Does it surprise you to see the word “warm” in a sentence with the word “gray” unless you’ve studied art, or you’ve made it a point to research this neutral color with all of its nuances, it’s easy to assume gray is nothing more than a combination of white and black. That’s true if you’re looking at pure gray; however, you can mix a range of colors and get a shade of gray. It’s all about the undertones! Gray shades on the warm end of the spectrum are a mix of warm and cool tones. If you’re going for a warm, cozy feel for your bathroom, choose a gray granite countertop with brown, beige, and taupe veins.

Soothe the Soul with a Cool Gray

When you choose an ultra-modern look for your home, you can complement the look by selecting cool gray granite for your bathroom countertops. With gray as the predominant color, you can create a soothing environment as long as you choose a gray with blue undertones. Keeping gray as the main focal point with your countertop, select dark floors, and white cabinets.

Maximize Elegance with a Mixture of Grays

An elegant look often means using understated shades of color. A pale gray countertop matched with a deep blue vanity offers an elegant solution to the one room in the house that risks looking a bit blah. Elegance and tradition naturally go together. Introduce elements of light, wispy beige, and soft golds. You’ll wonder if you should put on your pearls before you step into the bathroom.

Gray Works in Tiny Spaces Too

You might not think gray would work in a tiny powder room, but it does if you coordinate darker shades of gray with light colors. You’ll likely need a 30-inch vanity for a powder room or very small bathroom space. Choose a pale gray for your granite countertop and paint the top half of the walls in a dark shade of gray. Consider dividing the top from the bottom with molding and then paint the bottom half white. Select floor tile with different shades of gray to tie the entire look together. As you can see, when you go with gray granite bathroom countertops, you’re not limited to one single look.

Now that you have a gray color pallet to work with let the granite experts at Atlantis Granite & Marble, LLC, help you select the perfect bathroom countertops. Contact us today and schedule a visit to our showroom and take a look at the best granite bathroom countertops in Roswell.