Planning your perfect kitchen, bathroom, or both can be an exciting, yet daunting, task. We want to do all we can to make that task a little bit easier. One of the key decisions that needs to be made is what countertop materials in Atlanta you want to use. There are many different kinds of materials you can use for kitchen or bathroom countertops, each will come with pros and cons. It is a good idea to find out what kind of care each type of materials needs, what the durability is, and what the estimated cost will be. Here are three of our favorite countertop materials and what you need to know about them.   


Granite is probably the most popular countertop stone available. We love granite for its beauty, durability, and easy up-keep. Granite comes in almost every color you can imagine, though the most popular colors are in the white, black, and brown color families. Granite is an igneous rock and will look different depending on what other elements and minerals are found in the stone. If sealed properly after installation, granite is very easy to keep looking great. It is a very hard stone, but acidic foods or products may stain it. A proper sealant will help prevent stains, but cannot make the stone “stain-proof” so simply clean up spills and food waste and don’t use acidic or harsh cleaners on your stone. Seal it every couple of years to keep it looking great. The price of granite can vary widely and will depend on the color, thickness, number of soft minerals contained in the stone, where the stone was quarried, and other factors. 


Marble is one of the most classic and beautiful stone countertop materials. Its distinctive veining, pearly luminescence, and classic elegance cannot be beat. Marble looks gorgeous in the kitchen, but it is more high-maintenance. Marble is a softer stone (which is why it is popular for sculpting) but that means it is susceptible to chips, scratches, and staining, even if it has been properly sealed. Marble stays very cool, which makes it a great material for pastry baking. If you love the look of marble but feel like you need a more durable work surface, we suggest combining elements in your kitchen. Choose an island or side-board to cover with marble and pick a more durable material for the rest of your kitchen.


Quartz countertops are quickly becoming one of the most popular engineered countertops on the market. They combine the beauty of natural stone with the durability of engineered materials. Engineered quartz countertops are made of resin and quartz chips and can be tinted to almost any color you wish and come in a wide variety of patterns. Quartz counters are easy to take care of and will not chip, stain, or burn easily. They also feel cool to the touch, much like natural stone. Quartz does not have the variation in pattern that granite and marble do, so it is more obviously a manufactured product. The cost of quartz is also very similar to marble or granite.

If you have any more questions about these materials or simply want to see them in person, visit us at Atlantis Granite & Marble LLC today!