With their natural sheen and luster, natural stone countertops go a long way in beautifying your home. Whether you have a traditional, earthy, or modern, sleek style, there’s a stone that fits your unique needs and expectations. From granite, quartz, marble, sandstone, etc. there are a variety of stones that come in a range of colors from which you can choose.

If you decide to upgrade to stone countertops, you may be tempted to try a DIY installation. While you can do small projects by yourself or with a group of friends, this isn’t always the best approach regarding much larger jobs. Here’s why you should hire a professional to install granite countertops in Alpharetta.

High Material Cost

Due to the cost of specialized equipment and the stone slab, the final price can be more than you expect. With the help of a professional countertop installer, you can save hundreds. Not only do they already have the workforce and tools, but they also have working relationships with suppliers in the industry. These relationships get them the best deals on raw materials. Some companies even have and use their supply to cut out the middleman.

The Fit Matters

The size and fit of a stone countertop are crucial aspects of the project. If you order a slab that’s too small, you can’t work with it. If you order one that’s too large, you have to trim it—a job best suited for professionals. Granite and other types of natural stone can crack or chip if not cut correctly. In the event stone cracks during a DIY job, you’ll need to order another slab. Save yourself the money and hassle by hiring a professional.

Health and Safety

Even with help from friends, lifting a large chunk of granite is no simple feat; neither is the process of sanding and finishing the surface. These are tasks that require specialized equipment and knowledge gained from experience. Professional installers have both of these to complete the job safely and efficiently. Save yourself the back-breaking labor and possible injury with help from an experienced professional.

It’s the Centerpiece

More often than not, the countertop is the centerpiece of a kitchen or bathroom. It’s what the rest of the room is built and decorated around. It’s also the first thing that you and visitors notice when walking into the room. Make sure your countertops get noticed for the right reasons by ensuring proper installation.

Peace of Mind

When you hire experienced and reputable installers for your remodeling project, you can rest assured they’ll do the job right the first time. You can also be sure that the material used is top quality and exactly what you ask for. From beginning to end, a contractor will work with you to create a satisfactory finished product that reflects your unique style and design.

When installed correctly, a natural stone countertop will last for many years to come. For this reason and the many that are listed above, make sure this long-term commitment is done the right way. Rather than risk the many complications that can occur when doing it yourself, search for experienced and dependable local installers.