There’s an impressive countertops material that has taken the design world by storm. Some of the top luxury kitchens and bathrooms worldwide have made use of this gift from nature, a genuine natural stone that lends unbeatable elegance to any room: white Carrara Marble. This fine marble is one of the rarer varieties of natural marble. Due to its unique mineral content and origin, it has a crisp white coloring and alluring webs of black/gray veins running throughout. It’s one of the most in-demand countertops materials in Dunwoody.

But, White Carrara Marble isn’t accessible to everyone. Granite, however, is. This natural stone is more affordable and longer-lasting, so it may be more suitable for your home kitchen and bathroom. Just make sure you find a pleasing substitute. If you’re looking to install countertops in your home, here are some varieties of granite that can actually pass for Carrara Marble.

Bianco Romano Granite

Bianco Romano Granite is a convincing substitute for Carrara Marble. It has the same illustrious, white base with streaks of elegant black and gray. Bianco Romano is slightly more texture-dense than Carrara Marble, but it’s nonetheless a successful alternative. A glossy finish and simple, unadorned surfaces will make your Bianco Romano Granite look much more like real marble. You’ll get an elegant look in your kitchen and bathroom for less.

Glacier White

As its name suggests, Glacier White Granite is icy, bright white with a slightly transparent quality that’s crystalline and incredibly gorgeous. Like Carrara Marble, its coloring consists of simple white and black. The texture of Glacier White is slightly thicker and more pronounced, and the color contrast between dark and light isn’t quite as strong as in Carrara Light Marble, but unless you place the two next to one another, you’d hardly know the difference. Even then, you would have a difficult time differentiating them.

Beola Ghiandonata

Another convincing alternative to Carrara Marble, Beola Ghiandonata Granite, has a similar striation pattern and elegant texture compared to real marble. The color range is also more limited, just like Carrara Marble, while other varieties of granite may have other subtle color content. It’s often confused for marble even though it has more gray than white coloring.

Why Granite?

There are several reasons why you should choose granite that’s a convincing substitute for marble rather than true Carrara Marble. First of all, Carrara Marble is one of the most expensive countertops materials on the planet. It’s incredibly beautiful, that’s certain, but only the wealthiest homeowners can buy it and use several square feet of it as bathroom and kitchen countertops. Meanwhile, granite that resembles marble is significantly cheaper in all aspects, including the countertops installation cost.

Also, marble is less durable than granite. If exposed to water and acids, it can develop etching, a unique type of damage that only happens to marble. Pasty, white stains will form on the surface, disrupting its beautiful pattern and coloring. Unfortunately, etching is irreversible. Granite, meanwhile, is much more durable if you refinish it regularly.

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