There’s no secret that granite countertops can convey a sense of style and sophistication in your kitchen landscape. That’s one reason that natural granite is one of the most popular countertop materials in high end homes and recently remodeled kitchens. Not only is granite treasured for its beauty, but it is also a resilient material that can take years of abuse without losing its charm. Despite the entry of newer engineered stone countertop types, granite continues to hold its own as the top choice among kitchen countertop options in Alpharetta. Granite kitchens are a popular option for those who want to add a classy, luxurious look to their kitchen spaces.

One underrated property of granite when it’s used in kitchen countertops is the array of natural colors that are found in granite countertops. While the variety of colors may not match that of engineered stone types, there is a color of granite to match almost any décor or interior style. Each color imparts its own impact on the kitchen, as granite countertop colors can be transformative in helping you create a desired look. Keep reading to learn more about some of the top colors or granite kitchen countertops and how they can transform your kitchen space.

White Granite

White granite kitchen countertops have come into vogue recently, as they are not only classically beautiful, but they have other appealing qualities that can help you redefine the look of your kitchen. While some may eschew white countertops as boring, they are quite beautiful and rich in character due to the intricate composition of the stone. The stark white countertops are not only interesting in appearance, but the slabs of white can help make your kitchen space look large and expansive. Gleaming white will also provide a brighter, lighter appearance in your kitchen that can help offset insufficient lighting or darker shades used elsewhere.

Black Granite

Black granite brings instant sophistication to your kitchen space, as it can be used in a traditionally styled kitchen or a modern kitchen with equal success. The dark, mirrored sheen of black granite may not reveal as much of the natural character of the stone as some other shades, but there are some black granites that have flecks of sliver and gray that create interest. In fact, when well-lit, black granite will sparkle, providing an impressive visual effect. Black granite will dominate the décor and become a focal point, so it can be paired well with modern styled, light colors cabinets.

Brown Granite

Brown granite may not seem that exciting, but it’s versatile and can add a warm aura to your kitchen space. It can be difficult to pair cabinets with brown granite, but if you are using lighter colored cabinets then brown is the perfect color of granite to add warmth and depth to your kitchen. As a result, brown granite countertops are perfectly suited for rustic and traditional kitchen styles that feature a lot of natural wood. The variety of brown shades in a typical brown granite countertop serves as a visual binder that unites the natural tones in the room into a cohesive aesthetic.

Beige Granite

Beige granite is popular because it can be used to match almost any kitchen style and color palette. It’s also valued for the richness of detail that can be seen in its composition. Beige granite carries many of the same benefits of white granite, as it can help make a space look more open. However, the additional color and character inherent in the stone makes it useful in melding the color themes in a kitchen, since there are many tones present in beige granite including browns, blacks, and grays.

Jewel Toned Granite

While most granite colors are muted, jewel toned granite can be used to add a splash of color to your kitchen décor. These tones include reds and greens, and they have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your kitchen space. Paired with muted, minimalist cabinets and flooring, jewel toned countertops can give your kitchen an intriguing, dazzling look that will be both unique and dynamic.

If you’re planning to install custom countertops in Alpharetta, consider how the different colors of granite could perform in your kitchen décor. To learn more about the colors of granite countertops and how they can impact your kitchen space, visit Atlantis Granite & Marble at