Gorgeous stone countertops like marble and granite have a lasting luster and shine–that is, if you maintain them well, of course. Like all surfaces in your home, countertops should be cleaned and polished regularly. Otherwise, their natural color, brilliance, and detailing will fade or even discolor. Some surfaces, like marble kitchen countertops, can even develop unusual stains, like etching.

So what can you do about it? Keep them clean, of course. Wipe down your countertops after every use, especially after cooking or hosting meals in the kitchen. Spot clean them when you spill or drop something on them, too. But which is the best cleaning product to use on your stone countertops?

While there are specialized cleaning products for granite countertops and other countertops materials, some of which can be fairly pricey and can’t be used for other applications, there’s an alternative: essential oils.

The top countertops installers in Roswell recommend that you try keeping your stone countertops clean with real essential oils. It’s as simple as that. Here’s how it works and why you should try it.

Natural Cleaning Power

Some essential oils have the power to fight stains, buildup, and grease–no soap needed. Even better, some essential oils have natural bacteria-fighting and fungal prevention properties. Essential oils can be used to break down messes on surfaces, prevent liquids from setting, and even sanitize your countertops. Sanitation is a must for bathroom surfaces.

Even better, some oils, like peppermint oil, can actually deter pests! Bugs love searching kitchen surfaces for food particles, so deterring them is a must if you want to maintain a clean kitchen.

No Harmful Chemicals

Most storebought household cleaners are made of products that are anything but natural. Bleach, specialized stone cleaners, and other products can contain harmful toxins that are dangerous on your skin, and can be poisonous if you accidentally consume them. So why, then, do people use these harmful chemicals on their kitchen surfaces, where food eventually sits, dishes that interact with your skin and mouth are placed, and your hands interact?

Unlike these chemicals, essential oils are completely natural. Real essential oils are made of natural plant extract, and nothing else. While some essential oils, like lemon oil, need to be diluted or they can be harsh on your skin, the magic solution of essential oils and a little water goes a long way.

Where to Start

While essential oils are fairly trendy now for their healthy properties and fragrances, you may not be familiar with the most important essential oils. Start with these if you want to deep-clean your stone surfaces.

Tree tree oil is a naturally fragrant oil that is a powerful antimicrobial solution. It kills germs, prevents fungal growth, and prevents the spread of disease. Lavender oil is also a great cleanser that has a naturally calming, soothing scent. If you want tough grease-fighting power or a solution to soap scum buildup on your countertops, try lemon oil, which is one of the best natural cleaners on earth.

While you have many custom countertops options to consider, the best countertops installers in Roswell want to remind you that even the most elegant surfaces won’t keep their beauty for long unless you keep them clean. Try essential oils to clean your surfaces. And if you need more countertops care tips, start with the experts at Atlantis Granite & Marble.