Most people don’t think about using tiles as a material for their countertops, but it’s actually a growing trend that is proving to be extremely trendy. Countertops tiles in Cumming can be rich in charm and able to provide the warm feeling that your kitchen truly needs. Even if you’re only searching for an affordable new countertop design, tile might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Tiles are found in multiple different forms but there are a few basics. Stone tiles are made from the same material that is found in slabs, like marble or granite. Though they don’t cost nearly as much as marble or granite. Because they’re found in slabs, you’re able to get different colors in each slab while they all still coordinate together beautifully. 

Ceramic tiles are often used for back-splashes in a kitchen, but you can use them for countertops as well. Ceramic tiles offer you a non-porous substance that works perfectly for kitchen counters.


One of the biggest advantages to using tile as countertop material is its appearance. When the tile is properly installed, it will provide an elegant look that you can’t achieve through anything else. With tile counters, you can completely customize your look. If you choose ceramic tiles, you’re actually able to get them in any color that you desire. If you’re looking to have a retro 70s themed kitchen, you’ll be able to get the perfect shade of green through ceramic tiles. You can even get decorative tile pieces with the design you desire. Nothing will make your countertop look unique like a personalized piece of art.


Using tiles as a countertop is a wonderful option if you’re looking for an elegant look with a cheap cost. It can be extremely expensive to install a quartz or marble countertop, but not nearly as much for a tile countertop. When you compare the price of a quartz or granite countertop to that of a tile countertop, you’ll be able to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars just by making a simple switch to tile. You also shouldn’t have to replace tile counters for many years, which is much cheaper than having to replace them every couple years.

Replacement Tiles

If you run into any cracks, chips, or dents in a countertop material like quartz, marble, or granite, you will have to replace the entire countertop to fix your problem. Those materials are only offered in slabs, so you can’t piece it together in order to fix your problem. With tile countertops, if you slam down a cast iron skillet too hard on your countertop, you might crack a tile. There’s no need to panic if you’ve found or created a cracked tile. All you have to do is replace that single tile. Tiles aren’t slabs—they’re individual pieces! You can simply call an installation company to come over, remove the damaged tile, then replace it with another. In order to make sure that the tile is the same color, order a few extra tiles just to keep as back-ups when you initially get them installed. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!