Building or simply remodeling your home is always an exciting time, but in order to avoid making any big, expensive, or embarrassing mistakes, it’s important to have an idea in your head of what you would like done beforehand. When creating that idea, it’s vital to include research so that you can be sure it will look great together and will help you brush up and learn more about the most popular styles in Brookhaven. Below are some tips to help with coordinating your floor tile color and countertops.

Choose Countertops First

Because the granite countertop color may in fact be the main eye catching feature in the bathroom or kitchen you are creating, picking your countertop first and then choosing colors that accentuate and bring out the colors you love in your countertop is the best choice. Whether it’s marble, granite, tile, stone, or something else, choose the option you think will look best with the style you’re hoping to create.

Color Options

The first thing to do when deciding what you want is to decide what colors you’d prefer and what match your particular style. Designers recommend that you pick two dominant colors and a third accent color. A great way to determine which colors you’d prefer is to grab some paint chips from your local painting store and match up the colors you’d prefer that way.


Coordinate the colors you chose. Make the two dominant colors your cabinets and countertop and have the flooring be an accent color. Or you can make the flooring and countertop your primary colors and make the cabinets your accent colors.


If you’ve chosen a countertop such as marble or granite, it’s important to make sure you examine it for the many color variations that it likely includes. For example, if your granite countertop color in your home is mainly white, the speck it has in it will likely be darker colors such as browns, blacks, purples or reds. This will help to determine your accent colors. With these colors, a great flooring choice would be a brown hardwood with perhaps a red or black tint. If the main color in the granite is brown but includes a color element such as beige, a beige rust floor tile might do the trick.

Choose your cabinets similarly. However, be sure to distinguish accent colors from main colors. If you have chosen a black granite countertop, white cabinets would be a perfect option to make the countertops pop. Including a lighter brown flooring with many different gray tones would be a great accent color that would blend in nicely with the black countertop.

Being sure that the accent colors in your countertop that you love the most are pulled out in your flooring or cabinets is important. While the process to find the exact colors and styles that you want can be a long one, the result will be worth it in the end. The result will make you love your home, and you will never want to leave.