How you finish your kitchen goes a long way towards determining the overall impact of your home. Since most of the time is spent in the kitchen, you’ll want countertops that are both functional and really stand out. It’s great to elicit that “wow” factor from guests, but that won’t do you any good if your counters aren’t up to your standards in other areas. Before you start researching granite countertop prices in Cumming, let’s take a look at some other options.


Concrete has a cool loft-style feel to it. It’s often cast on-site, so it’s a good material to choose if your counters are oddly shaped. It’s heat and scratch-resistant, though it can be pricey.


Marble is stunning. You can tell it is because it’s so expensive. It’s such a grand and costly material, that you probably shouldn’t be too surprised when you get the bill. You can save money by using marble on an island, as opposed to the whole kitchen. Remember, marble does stain, so you need to maintain it regularly.

Stainless Steel

A striking material, stainless has a gleaming, post-industrial, almost streamlined look to it. And, because it can be designed to your specifications, it’s nearly always a custom job. Resistant to staining, or damage by hot pans, it’s extremely easy to clean.


Synthetic materials bearing famous brand names such as Formica and Wilsonart, laminates are durable and very easy to clean. A nice thing about these counters is they come in a variety of colors and styles. See what colors are available when you go shopping for countertop materials in Cumming.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is a very attractive and affordable alternative to other countertops. In fact, due to its relative ease of installation, it’s just about the only kind of tile homeowners can install on their own. While tile is tough, and a snap to clean, grout will become stained if not cleaned regularly.

Solid Surface

Developed by DuPont over 50 years ago, solid surface has become the popular mid-range alternative to laminates. The material more closely resembles real stone than laminates and, because it’s a solid piece, damage can be smoothed out with a sander. They come in all kinds of colors and, though tough, they can suffer damage from hot pans.


The most classic look in kitchens, granite is more popular than ever. Fortunately, its popularity has brought the price of granite down in recent years so while it can still be pretty expensive, it’s not as prohibitive as people might think. One of the remarkable things about granite is each piece of stone is unique unto itself. The stone is available in over 3,000 different colors and in an infinite variety of looks. It’s as durable as its name suggests. Once installed, you shouldn’t have to go shopping for new countertops anytime soon.

With so many options of quality countertops in Cumming, it really comes down to a question of taste. Take a good look around before making your choice. See what style and color is most suited to you, and what you’re willing to spend, and just know that whatever you choose, you’ll want it to be both beautiful and functional.