Granite is one of the most versatile stones used in home and business decor. Not only is granite durable, it enhances a wide variety of interior styles. Choosing the right quality granite slab for countertops in Brookhaven comes down to your personal taste, but there are other things to consider as well.

The first step is to find a reputable dealer who sells granite and can also professionally install your countertops in Brookhaven. A knowledgeable, experienced supplier can answer your questions, offer suggestions, and help you narrow down the best granite slab choices available.


Color is the first thing you’re drawn to, and it’s a very important step in choosing a granite slab. Because granite is a natural stone formed from magma found beneath the earth’s surface, each piece of granite is unique in color.

Lighter colors, such as white, brown, or beige, work best for kitchens and baths with low natural light, while darker colors, such as deep grays, dark browns, blacks, and deep reds and blues are better suited for those rooms that offer a great deal of natural light. Darker granite countertops paired with a dark kitchen with few windows and limited natural light, for example, make the room appear much smaller.

Dark-colored granites are striking in contemporary kitchens that have white or light wood cabinets. Pure white granite is rare, and hard to find. But there are very light grays that produce the same effect. However, don’t rule out mixing complementary, contrasting colors on different countertop areas to create an even more unique space.

Veining and Texture

Most granite is quarried in Brazil, China, India, or Italy, and each area produces unique characteristics in the stone. Granite is generally a background color, with long lines of color that add to each slab’s unique appearance, but it may have swirls or specks, depending on how the stone was cut after it was quarried. These veins of color, which are actually crystallized minerals in the rock, provide an array of colors to choose from, including white, gray, black, gold, brown, and most shades within those color palettes.

The veining may be delicate or bold, and can totally transform the look of your interior space, whether it’s a bathroom vanity or a kitchen island or countertop. The veining you choose for your granite countertops surfaces in Brookhaven is key to the overall impact of the room, with heavier veining creating a more textured look.

Most granite suppliers offer online photos of countertops they’ve installed. Through the website, you can get a visual representation of available custom countertops options in Brookhaven, and compare them to what you have in mind for your own countertops in your home. Take a cabinet door with you to the showroom when choosing granite slabs for a kitchen or bath to see how they look together, but don’t forget to also take into account the colors of your appliances and fixtures, and the architectural details of the space.