Installing granite countertops in your kitchen can be a great way to freshen up the look of the room and add a sense of elegance and sophistication. There are number of options for you to choose from, so you can select the one that will best match your kitchen and personal preferences. Once you’ve made the selection and scheduled the date for installation, it’s time to prepare your kitchen by taking the following 4 steps.

Clean Your Counters

Start by cleaning your kitchen counters. If you have a bunch of decorations or small appliances on your counters, it’s time to relocate these for a time. You may also need to move out appliances. Take the time to unplug them and move them somewhere, so contractors can work around the counters unimpeded. If you plan on getting new appliances to match your countertops, now is the perfect time to get rid of the old ones and prepare the new ones for the space.

Remove Your Sink

If you’re planning on replacing your sink to better match the counters, now is the time to do it. Turn off the water supply to your kitchen. You’ll probably need to get under the sink and use a wrench to turn it off. Then, unhook the old sink and faucet and remove them. Then, you’ll need to prepare the new sink. Have it on hand, so you can measure the space needed for it and determine the proper placement that you would like for it.

Empty Lower Cabinets

When removing the old counter, you’ll find it could cause a lot of dust to disperse throughout your kitchen, especially in the lower cabinets. It would be wise to empty these cabinets so your dishes, pots, and pans don’t end up covered in dust. You could also seal off these cabinets with a plastic sheet and masking tape. Just make sure that your dishes will be protected in the process. While you’re at it, you may want to cover other parts of your kitchen that could be impacted by the dust, especially if you have household members that struggle with asthma, allergies, and other immune deficiencies.

Remove Old Counter

The biggest step that you’ll need to take to prepare your counters is removing the old counter. Start with a putty knife to cut through the silicone that was used to bond the old counter to the cabinets and wall. Then, remove any screws that are present by using a screwdriver. Once the counter has been properly loosened, you can use a pry bar to separate the counter from the cabinets. Once the old counter has been removed, clean the cabinet edges and remove any left behind adhesives, dust, and debris.

Once you’ve worked through each of these steps, your kitchen will be ready for the new granite countertops to be installed. Of course, it would be wise to talk to the contractors before starting the process. They may be able to help you through some of these steps, or they may have other steps that they would like you to take to prepare your kitchen for the installation process. Taking these steps will be vital to protecting your kitchen and facilitating the installation process for you.