Need help choosing the right granite color before you install countertops in your kitchen? Here are some expert design tips on granite countertops color in Cumming that can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Contrasting Counters

One popular trend in kitchen style designs is a contrasting look. It could be as dramatic as black and white, or just close to it. Think of a rich, slightly speckled black countertop against crisp white cabinets. Of course, that’s just one example. There are several different ways to create a black and white kitchen color contrast.

If you love the clean look of white cabinets, you can choose a contrasting black countertop, a rich brown, or a dark grey. If you plan to create contrast against those white cabinets with a rich paint color on the walls, your countertops can be a similar shade to the walls, just with a bit more texture.

Light and Breezy

If you want an airy, light, summery feel in your kitchen, go with a lighter shade, not necessarily white. A creamy granite texture or beige will create a light, open, and airy space without being too monochromatic. A light, neutral color like this is great for pairing with a white or off-white cabinet, or with a natural wood grain. The lighter the cabinet, the breezier the kitchen. A darker wood grain with the lighter granite countertop will create a richer contrast.

Sleek and Elegant

For a modern, sleek kitchen, we recommend dark countertops. Black with a subtle speckled texture is a favorite color combination, especially when paired against a fresh white cabinet. Dark granite with more of a marbled, streaked pattern looks especially elegant in a modern kitchen. Compare several different granite textures in your kitchen to help you decide what look you prefer.

Finally, add some variety by choosing wall colors and back splashes with personality. You can add a pop of color with a red accent wall or a colorful mosaic tile. Or for a subtler, more soothing ambiance, choose shades of grey. A monochromatic color scheme gives the overall appearance of tidiness. Complement the color scheme with polished nickel hardware, black handles, or even glass knobs on your cabinets.

Warm and Welcoming

Granite also comes in a variety of shades of beige, brown, and cream, which we recommend for those kitchens that tend to become the center of any dinner gathering. You can still create contrast, though maybe on a brown-and-cream scale instead of a black-and-white scale. You can choose light beige, speckled granite countertop colors against rich ebony cabinets, or dark brown streaked countertops against creamy cabinets.

Make sure your cabinet hardware and appliances match the scheme! Distressed iron handles or worn white knobs will give your kitchen a shabby-chic appeal, while polished brass or sleek black hardware will create more of a refined look.

Island Appeal

If you’re having a hard time choosing between granite colors, why not choose two? Make your kitchen island a statement by picking a different, contrasting color. For example, maybe you want a primarily modern kitchen by choosing black countertops against a light cabinet, but maybe you feel like all that black countertop is too dark? Make the island pop by choosing either a light color to complement the cabinets or an in-between grey with an eye-catching pattern. You draw additional attention to the island by painting the island cabinets in a completely different color, like red or olive green. As you choose the perfect granite countertops color in Cumming, this is your chance to show some style and personality while looking like a complete expert!