It’s a huge disappointment to look around one of your bathrooms and realize that it’s plain, ordinary, or even boring. It can also be incredibly frustrating. You’ve invested time, care, and design into your bathrooms. Why do they still look so unimpressive? What can you do to turn your bathrooms into the kinds of masterpieces you see on design blogs or in magazines?

It can be tough to design a bathroom because it has fewer opportunities for decor and has fewer movable parts than a living room or bedroom would. Thankfully, bathrooms benefit from being smaller and having some absolute necessities, like a toilet and sink, that can help guide your design planning process.

Countertops installers in Marietta know all about designing and building gorgeous bathrooms, the kind that take your breath away. If you want more than just a simple set of bathrooms, and want rooms that you’ll actually enjoy relaxing in, follow these tips. This professional advice can transform your most ordinary and builder-grade bathrooms into unique, stylish masterpieces.

Customize the Vanity

You can forget about the design tastes of suburban America in the last century. That was a time when blending in and looking like part of the mold were key to good design. These days, the more unique, artistic, and thought-provoking your bathroom is, the better.

How could a bathroom possibly be thought-provoking? Start with a bespoke vanity. Trade in your classic vanity—a set of lower cabinets with a flat-panel mirror above it—for something eye-catching. For design inspiration, consider the possibilities if you re-purposed an antique cabinet, installed a floating vanity, or built a pedestal-like vanity. For the latter, install countertops and a sink over a thin wooden ledge, which rests on 4 industrial-style legs.

Get Creative with Countertops

These days, customizing your countertops is a necessity. Natural stone materials never go out of style, so narrow down your custom countertops options to stone materials like granite, marble, quartzite, and soapstone, all of which contain natural stone. These materials have naturally rich and diverse color, a brilliant shine, and durability. Virtually any granite countertops color will improve your bathrooms. They also contrast well with porcelain and metal surfaces, like the sink, toilet, bathtub, fixtures, and hardware in the room. A balanced mix of materials will make your bathroom look far more interesting and unique.

Remember that uniqueness is akin to being stylish. For unique takes on stone surfaces, try installing a waterfall surface, a vertical slab of countertop that runs flush against the side of the vanity. It’s a creative take on ordinary countertops that can make your bathroom appear much larger.

If you want to try upgrading your storage options, install cut stone countertops as open shelving above the sink or beside the shower. The shower gives you many opportunities to get creative, including a stone soap dish or bench. If you have a classic bathtub, build a permanent stone bath caddy beside the tub.

Getting Started

Bear in mind that quality installation is just as important as quality design. Contact professional countertops installers in Marietta to design a new vanity and implement unique stone features in your bathrooms. You can get a countertops estimate cost before you begin any installation work. That way, you can save some funds to upgrade fixtures or get a new bathroom mirror to really finish off your masterpiece design.