You’re planning a move next year and want to make improvements in your home that will bring the best return financially. Where is the top area of the home real estate agents say buyers want updated and will command a higher sale for you? The kitchen.

Now that you’re focused on the kitchen, what can you do to refresh the space without breaking your bank account? Here are some suggestions:

  • A fresh coat of paint and wallpaper will do wonders for the look of a kitchen. Buyers today are looking for more space. Choose light colors to maximize the sense of greater space in the kitchen. Popular today are overall stencils or graphic elements that are subtle or bold and add a texture to the room.
  • Upgrade the backsplash to a modern material and add a hanging pot rack or, if you have room, a kitchen island. Remove all clutter to cupboards and drawers and you will look as if you have the home of a chef.
  • Get a countertop estimate cost from a Dunwoody renovation company. Buyers today are looking for countertops that are good looking and good for the environment. When you are researching granite, marble, and other countertops, consider the overall life of the substance in determining how green it is. There is a measure of green cost from all materials for manufacturing, transporting, installation, removal, and, finally, the reuse possibilities and degrading process.  A true measure of a green material considers the total cost to the environment from each stage.
  • If you’re replacing countertops, upgrade the kitchen sinks to stainless steel. Consider a new stainless-steel refrigerator, stove, and microwave. Add new faucets and your kitchen is gleaming.
  • While considering new kitchen countertops, explore an estimate for flooring replacement as well. There are many flooring options today which will give your kitchen a polished, modern look. Talk with your tile and flooring professional to find the right surface for you. Consider your overall goals, as well as how the flooring holds up to wear and tear for future residents

The measures outlined above are methods of improving the cosmetics of a kitchen. This assumes the subflooring and walls of the room as well as the plumbing and electrical work are all operational and undamaged. If there are major problems in these underlying areas, they should be addressed prior to adding any cosmetic changes, which may become ruined or cause an accident in the future.

If your budget allows for additional renovation, consult with an architect to get a design that efficiently uses the space available and offers new design elements that significantly raise the value of your home. Options include a walk-in refrigerator, cupboards with easy access features, a built-in computer station, or a built-in china cupboard. While many of these renovations would be desirable in any home, considering your goal of moving in a year, they may not be cost-effective. Of course, you may do several improvements and then decide you love the home so much, you don’t want to move!