Home design and décor are reflections of your own personality and style. Most homeowners, therefore, love blending their own décor ideas with contemporary trends. Aesthetic countertop design is now a key feature of beautiful bathroom décor, and if you’re looking for stylish design ideas to enhance your bathroom countertops, this article has great tips!

Countertops play a significant role in making your bathroom décor look trendy. The material for bathroom countertops has a great impact on how your overall bathroom décor will turn out. Bathroom countertops often become the focal point of the bathroom space. Stylishly designed countertops lend an elegant touch to the entire bathroom.

2019 is seeing brand new trends in countertop design with unique colors and varied materials adding a classy touch. Read on to find the best tips on modern countertop styles and design ideas!

Natural Stones

Natural stone materials such as granite and marble continue to be a popular trend through 2019, with most homeowners opting for granite. Marble is a luxurious choice for high-end customers that want their bathrooms to showcase exclusivity.

Granite is durable and highly resistant to moisture and stains, which is important for bathroom counters that often bear the brunt of water and spills. The newest trend in granite countertop design is the inclusion of dark hues such as black, coffee brown, charcoal gray, and more. Black granite adds splendor and beauty to your bathroom, and is perfect for homeowners seeking to add a vivid touch to their décor.

Black granite comes in matte as well as a high-gloss finish. Matte is currently interior designers’ favorite surface polish. Black granite pairs well with white bathroom tiles to create a sleek and simple color palette for your bathroom. Dark hued, gray granite pairs well with beige or white tiles and wood accents to create a rustic yet classy looking design scheme.

If bright spaces and expansive features are your style, opt for marble bathroom countertops in a high-gloss finish. This stunning material looks amazing when accented with metallic hardware and muted bathroom tiles. “Less is more” is a trending theme in bathroom design.

Varied Materials

The modern homeowner is open to trying out newer countertop materials that look great and are durable. Quartz, marble, granite, and more are making waves in 2019. Quartz is an engineered stone with a high-quality finish that is highly durable and has excellent stain and moisture resistant properties. If you’re looking for a stunning countertop material like granite to light up your bathroom countertops, quartz must make it to your top choice.

Quartz is available in various hues and patterns, making it ideal to feature this trending material in creative ways. Quartz countertops blend perfectly with modern bathroom décor themes that use varied elements such as wood, metal, lights, and patterned tiles to create an alluring space.

What will you do with these 2019 trends in your own home? Combining trendy countertop materials with your own creativity will take your bathroom design to a new level. Get in touch with us at Atlantis Granite & Marble, LLC for more interior design tips and the best selection of granite countertops in Atlanta!