You have important decisions to make when it comes to designing your kitchen. Thankfully, most of these choices are fairly simple. Do you prefer white kitchen cabinets, a bold paint color like gray, or a natural wooden tone? Do you prefer a standard fridge or a French door fridge? However, one choice that may be more difficult to make will concern your kitchen countertops. Not only do you have to from one of the many types of countertops, like classic marble or elegant granite, but you’ll also have to choose between dark and light, both of which will create an entirely different kitchen experience.

This guide can help you narrow down your design choices, for a kitchen that is perfectly you.

Material Choices

Most people begin their countertops search by evaluating the types of materials they have to choose form. Marble, granite, and natural soapstone countertops come in a variety of shades, from dark to light, so it’s simple to design around your choice of these natural quarried stones. However, quartz countertops, which are engineered from pieces of natural stone, use resins and can be manmade to resemble a variety of colors. Therefore, you may have more color options when you select a material like quartz. While there is such thing as dark quartzite countertops, this natural stone tends to be lighter in color, so settling on dark quartzite may leave you with few slab choices, especially if you want to customize your countertops.

Therefore, you may want to select a material that meets your needs, from low-maintenance granite to damage-resistant quartz, before selecting between a light or dark shade of stone.

Professional Recommendations

Professional designers recommend that you follow a few distinct design rules before you choose between dark or light countertops. Let these design rules guide your decision between light or dark surfaces.

  • A good rule of thumb is to pair dark countertops with light cabinets, or vice versa. Pairing light with light will make the kitchen look plain, and dark with dark will make the kitchen appear heavy and smaller.
  • If you prefer countertops tiles to larger slabs, you should opt for dark countertops, which will match more easily with the grout between the tiles, for a sleek and continuous appearance.
  • Dark countertops look complex and interested, whereas light countertops look sleek and timeless. One or the other may suit your personality and design tastes.
  • Dark countertops will hide flaws and messes, but light countertops may reflect more light and color.
  • Professionals recommend that you limit bold color choices to your decor, lighting, and curtains, and keep your built-in materials fairly neutral.
  • You may be drawn to either dark or light colors. Follow your instincts. You’ll love the results.

Find Your Slab

You may want a countertops estimate cost before you make your decision. Thankfully, you can find countertops experts in your area who can help you design your kitchen and find a material that suits both your design tastes, lifestyle, and budget all at once. If you need help deciding between the types of countertops in dark or light shades, countertops installers have dedicated design teams to guide your decision, whether you’ve selected a favorite material or favorite color shade first.