When you think of elegance, do the words graceful, stylish, and refined come to mind? Maybe you see elegance more as a dignified, luxurious, or opulent look. What about the color black? It’s a trendy shade for homeowners in Sandy Springs who appreciate an elegant look in their homes. To many people, the kitchen is a place of community; it’s where your friends and family tend to gather during a party, so make it just as inviting for them as you would with the living or dining room. If you’re looking to add an elegant touch to your kitchen, consider using black and white countertops. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Allure of Black Granite

The little black dress, the strand of black pearls, and the sleek black sedan. All symbols of elegance. Now black countertops are enjoying center stage as an elegant focal point for kitchens. Not only are they classy, they’re also practical; black doesn’t stain easily. What better way to combine something practical with something beautiful? Black granite countertops make a hard wearing and long-lasting work surface. Like the little black dress, they’re also attention-grabbing and chic.

Black Makes a Statement

There’s no doubt when you choose black granite countertops, you’re making a statement. Kitchens updated with black look classy, dramatic, and elegant. If that’s the look you’re going for, then you’re on the right track. Be care though about overdoing black. If you don’t balance it with lighter colored kitchen cabinets and flooring, you may end up with a dark, forbidding atmosphere. For cabinets, choose a bright glossy white paired with shiny chrome hardware. Now that’s a timeless look! You can also pair black countertops with elegant grey cabinets and a splash of bright color in the backsplash. Install high quality overhead and under-cabinet lighting. Hang pendant lights above dining areas and islands to round out this classy look.

The Ultra Stylish Look of White Countertops

It’s difficult to find a more stylish color than white. Maybe that’s why white has been a favorite color choice of kitchen designers and homeowners for several years. White is versatile. White granite gives countertops a refined and elegant look. And don’t forget the clean lines! If you have a smaller kitchen, white countertops are the perfect choice to give your small space a roomier and brighter feel. Pair white countertops with creamy white cabinets for a warm, elegant look. Go bold and create contrast by choosing black cabinets.

An Elegant Pairing of Black and White

When you get up close and personal with white granite, you’ll notice it’s not pure white! While white is the predominant color, the white always has a variety of subtle colors mixed with it. Look for white granite with flecks of charcoal, bold black and white crystals. Or, what about white blended with black speckles and silver accent colors. White granite with jet black and dark charcoal veins is also a popular choice. For help selecting the perfect white granite kitchen countertops in Sandy Springs, talk with experienced countertop specialists. Whatever white you choose, be careful to avoid white overload. Let black can come in and save the day! Go sleek and chic with a white granite waterfall countertop over a set of open black shelves. White countertops pop against a wall of solid black cabinets.

No matter which combination of black and white you choose for your kitchen, when you finish, you’ll have a luxurious, elegant room where friends and family can gather for meals and conversation. For a complete selection of white and black granite countertops, visit Atlantis Granite & Marble. Contact us at 678-292-6800 for our hours and directions to our showroom.