Give your home a beautiful makeover or upgrade your kitchen and bathroom surfaces to authentic, beautiful marble countertops. Made of natural stone like granite countertops, but even more classic and impressive, marble countertops add simple but eye-catching features to every bathroom and your kitchen.

Sure, there are faux marble options out there, but nothing can replace the slight crystalline transparency, depth of color, and subtly smooth texture of real marble, one of the most beloved building materials in history. And yet, as in-demand as they are, it’s still simple to find many marble bathroom and kitchen countertop options to suit your style.

Read on for a helpful guide to installing stylish and impressive marble countertops as part of a dramatic home remodel.

About Marble Countertops

Naturally beautiful, this metamorphic rock is formed when limestone experiences high heat and pressure. As it’s tested, the stone transforms into shiny, elegant marble. Marble can be found throughout the world. While it won’t quite look like the countertops you see in homes when fresh from the earth, but when polished and coated in a protective sealant, marble countertops will still look like natural stone.

Depending on its mineral content and where it was found, marble can vary in coloring from white to black, and virtually every color in between. It can be diverse in color or subtle and nearly monochromatic. Like granite countertops, marble can have soft freckles. However, marble with long, elegant veins is more popular these days.

Marble Substitutes

Some engineered materials, like quartz kitchen countertops, are purposefully designed to resemble the natural elegance and rich coloring of marble. Some people prefer the low-maintenance and hardy qualities of quartz over marble, and they can be similar in price, but many people prefer the authenticity of genuine marble surfaces in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Popular Varieties

Some varieties of marble have gained recent popularity for a number of reasons. White Carrera marble, a fine Italian surface, is mostly white and polished but with soft, elegant streaks of black and gray, as well as yellow tones that give it gentle texture. White Carrera has become so popular for bathroom remodels that Carrera marble has even been used to build shower walls.

Glacier White granite is a common substitute for marble because of its long and highly textured streaks. While not as subtle as marble, it’s a great substitute because it’s more affordable and has a complex appearance. If subtlety isn’t for you, Glacier White granite may be a good alternative that could pass for marble.

Calcutta Nuvo quartz is known for its pristine simplicity and elegant clouds of black veins through the milky white surface. It’s an excellent choice for long kitchen counters because you can see the progression of shadowy veins developing and winding across the surface.


Finding Your Look

When you choose to upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms with marble surfaces, you can’t go wrong, especially if you find a great retailer. Stores that sell and install marble countertops in Atlanta can help you find a beautiful match for your color scheme and can even recommend great ways to design the rest of each room around marble. However, the point is to keep it simple. When you invest in high-quality countertops, avoid over accessorizing them. Instead, let the beautiful surfaces speak for themselves.

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