Classic and elegant, and longer-lasting than most home building materials, marble bathroom countertops are the pinnacle of high style. Even better, the most talented countertop installers in Roswell offer fine marble without the high price tag.

If you’re interested in upgrading your bathrooms in 2019, consider these popular color choices. These are some of the most fashionable colors in which marble is naturally available, and they can help tie in your design scheme. Read on for color ideas and recommendations on how to design your bathrooms around them.

Guatemala Green

Earthy and jewel-toned, this colorful marble exemplifies the best that marble has to offer: a natural material that looks almost man-made in its beauty. A deep but brilliant shade of green with streaks of elegant white, Guatemala green matches with virtually all bathroom appliances, especially white porcelain. It also offsets brushed brass and copper hardware nicely.

White Carrera

The standard for bathrooms, white Carrera marble isn’t just one of the best countertop materials, it’s also a popular choice for flooring, backsplash, and even shower surrounds. White Carrera marble is crisp, modern white with hints of fine gray and black lines for balance and deep elegance.


Like granite countertops, marble also comes in warm, comforting hues like orange and reddish-brown. Michelangelo marble has the bright, warm coloring of fire mixed with a neutral, balanced brown that will make your bathroom look inviting and comfortable. Pair Michelangelo marble with light oak storage and natural plants to truly impress.

Grigio Carcino

A fascinating mix of gray, white, black, and hints of pink or purple, Grigio Carcino is perfect for those who love dark surfaces but don’t want to commit to an intense, black color palette. Balance this refined marble with white flooring and appliances for a balanced room, or pair them with silver and gray surfaces for a mature look that’s sure to impress.

Breccia Oniciata

Warm and golden-pink with white veins, this elegant marble is timeless. A popular choice for bathrooms because of its gentle warmth and refined coloring, Breccia Oniciata suits traditional, Old World aesthetics. Give it a beveled edge for one of the most impressive custom countertop options out there. Pair it with honey-gold fixtures and hardware, as well as bright lighting and sunny windows and you’ll feel bathed in gold.


Light, metallic brown webbing with a chocolate background and a fascinating natural pattern make Emperador marble a great choice for bathrooms worldwide. Pair Emperador with deep wooden tones and bronze fixtures to give your bathroom a refined mix of elegant neutrals. Emperador suits contemporary design trends of focusing on impressive natural materials over fussy decor, as it brings out the best natural hues in other real, fresh-from-the-earth materials.


Just a step up from white, Bardiglio has a hint of elegant gray in long, gorgeous streaks. It’s a classic marble color that pairs well with silver touches, black accents, and other dark, masculine features. You can also pair Bardiglio with other light gray finishes and detailing.

For more recommendations on designing your home around fine marble surfaces, visit Atlantis Granite & Marble. As the best countertops installers in Roswell, they have experience selecting surfaces for those with impeccable taste.