Finding quality countertops mostly comes down to deciding which material you want. The material you use for countertops sets the vibe and atmosphere of your kitchen. Additionally, the material determines the durability of your countertop. There are several key choices of material.


Granite remains the most popular choice for kitchen countertops. Not only has it been in fashion for a long time, it’s also the most durable material. Because of this, it doesn’t need as much maintenance or repair as other materials. Although it costs more upfront, you’re less likely to pay for repairs over the years, so many people find it to be a good investment.

Granite isn’t just a practical choice, it’s also an aesthetic one. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns which can match to any kitchen, or provide any vibe you’d like.


Another highly popular option is a marble. In a lot of ways, marble is similar to granite. It has similar durability, appearance, and cost. It might not always be as customizable as granite, but it still provides a great aesthetic for kitchens. Its durability means it doesn’t have to be replaced or repaired very often. One major advantage over many other materials is that marble is easy to clean. In kitchens that get a lot of use, or where people cook elaborate meals, marble is an excellent choice.


One favorable aspect of quartz is that it can easily come in a wide variety of colors or customized patterns. If you want to control the aesthetic of your kitchen and give it a unique or unconventional look, quartz might be the material for you. Quartz also has a non-porous surface, unlike most other materials, which means that it is strongly resistant to scratches and stains. Because of this, quartz is often a popular choice for households with children.


Formica is a form of laminate that’s often used for kitchens. It’s on the cheaper end of the spectrum of countertops and is also customizable. Many laminates can be designed to look like marble or quartz. The difference is that laminates are very thin, and although they may resemble higher-end materials, up close it’s clear that they aren’t. However, someone looking for a quick and inexpensive overhaul for their kitchen might find Formica a great option.


Soapstone is unique in that it doesn’t meet most of the criteria of the materials listed above. It’s most commonly used in older homes because it fits the atmosphere and vibe best. It’s also used for historic homes or landmarks as well. Unlike most other materials, soapstone actually changes tone over time (although rather slowly).

Additionally, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Usually, these cleanings are done with mineral oil, which helps maintain the color and livelihood of the material, as well as keeping the stone smooth.

Choosing a material for your kitchen countertop serves many purposes. For one, it can either maintain or increase the value of your home. By installing a heavy-duty material, it might decrease the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do over the years. A countertop can also set the character and feel of your kitchen. Although the number of choices might be intimidating at first, many countertop specialists near Marietta will have advice for your kitchen renovation.

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