Installing tile backsplash options in your kitchen not only makes wiping down surfaces much easier, it is a simple and effective way of beautifying the space and making your whole kitchen’s look more coordinated. There are several different popular approaches to choosing backsplash colors to coordinate with your countertops, and each can be used to make your kitchen stunning. Read on to learn more about effectively creating a cohesive look in your kitchen, how to match your chosen pieces, and other tips for kitchen countertop tiles in Alpharetta.

Make It Your Own

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting kitchen countertops, backsplash options, and other design components is that there are no hard and fast rules. Creativity, going with your own preferences, and making your space your own are how you create a truly beautiful kitchen that you love to spend time in. The internet, kitchens in homes you love, and design experts can be excellent resources, but at the end of the day, choose colors and coordinating options that fill you with joy when you enter the space.

Coordinating Options

One of the most popular ways that people select backsplash tiles is by choosing a color from the pattern of their stone countertops. For example, multi-hued stone with black, gray, charcoal, and white flecks can be set off nicely with gray or white backsplash options. Honey-toned backsplash tiles pair nicely with warm countertop mixes. Choosing a color that coordinates and ties in well allows you to create a look that flows well but still brings variety to the space.

Continuous Colors

Another popular option is the monochromatic or continuous look. Taking the same color or material and creating one continuous block of color or pattern creates a cohesive look that makes your kitchen look uniform and connected. For example, white subway tiles with white marble countertops is a classic choice that makes your kitchen look light, bright, and beautiful. The continuous look is great for people who want colorful small appliances or countertop accessories to pop against a more neutral background.

Contrasting Colors

Taking the opposite approach can also bring about beautiful results. Colors that contrast can be visually dramatic and lovely as long as they tie into your kitchen’s look as a whole. For example, black and white are commonly used, with white backsplash pairing nicely with black granite countertops. Or you can choose a color like cool blue that ties into kitchen appliances, accessories, curtains, or wall paint but contrasts prettily with a cream or other neutral countertop option.

Mosaic Matching

A final, lovely option that is gaining in popularity is mosaic tile backsplash in multiple colors. You can do so much with the colors and patterns, allowing you to really customize and beautify your kitchen space. The pre-made mosaic tile strips come in a huge variety of colors, tile sizes, and repeating patterns, so you can coordinate with various elements in your kitchen. The final look is fresh, visually appealing, and wonderfully tied together.

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