Good bathroom design is essential for having a comfortable, elegant home that inspires relaxation. Your countertops are some of the most important features of any bathroom. Not only do they occupy important visual space, they affect your everyday experience with your bathrooms.

Whether you’re interested in classic marble, colorful granite, refined quartz, or another material altogether, you’ll probably have to make one important choice about your bathroom countertops from Alpharetta: matte or glossy?

This question refers to the finish on your countertops, the sheen that seals them and protects them from damaging chemicals, moisture, and other elements.

Here is a simple bathroom design guide that can help you choose between matte or glossy?

Matte: Pros

Nearly all custom countertops options can be finished with a matte sheen, a recently popular option that makes your bathrooms look ahead-of-the-curve. They create a smooth texture that doesn’t reflect light. Even if you have bright vanity lights, the shine won’t hide beautiful granite countertops color, smooth marble veins, or other features of your valuable countertops.

If you’re interested in a contemporary, stylish bathroom, matte countertops are a must-have. Matte gives natural stone a fresher and more authentic look, like it’s freshly discovered from the quarry.

Matte: Cons

You’ll have to be selective about whom you choose to install bathroom countertops if you’re looking for a matte finish. Matte finishes are less readily available than glossy ones, and some companies may not offer matte finish on certain products, like quartz.

Also, matte finish tends to show more fingerprints and other smudges, so you’ll have to work harder to keep your bathroom countertops looking clean and elegant. It also may come at an extra price, as it’s considered an optional upgrade to your countertops.

Glossy: Pros

Nearly all countertops installers can give any countertops material they offer a glossy finish. Reflective and bright, a glossy finish is necessary for giving your bathroom a classic, traditional look. Glossy finish can also make a very contemporary, minimal bathroom look homier. The simple sheen of light across the surface will inspire comfort with its classic looks.

Glossy finishes will hide messes better than matte surfaces will and may even be more affordable.

Glossy: Cons

Some people are uninterested in how common glossy finishes are. Matte is unexpected; glossy is the norm. Also, because glossy sheen hides messes, it’s a touch more difficult to determine if your countertops are clean. Low light could reveal several unsightly smudges and other flaws that have been allowed to sit for a long time. This can be especially risky if you have marble countertops, which are famously fussy and must be cleaned the instant that they’re dirtied.

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