Whether you are in the kitchen or the bathroom, countertops play a crucial role in both the functionality and the design aesthetic of the room. You need a material that is beautiful, durable, and practical, which is why natural stone is such a popular choice. Natural stone countertop materials like granite and marble are all sturdy, functional, and come in a range of colors and finishes. In fact, many of the biggest design trends of 2019 revolve around natural stone counters. Read more to learn about the top stone countertop trends of the year.

Patterns and Veining

Today’s homeowners are looking for more than solid-colored slabs of linoleum; they want more character in their countertops. This is where natural stone really shines. There are tons of kitchen countertop options in Atlanta. You can find natural stone in all sorts of colors, patterns, designs, and finishes. There is a lot of room for homeowners to get creative and find pieces of natural stone with interesting veins and patterns swirled into the slabs. Homeowners can add a touch of personality while still creating a timeless kitchen that will look great for many years to come.

Custom Trim

Slick, mitered edges are a thing of the past. Instead, many homeowners are choosing to personalize their countertops with custom trim. Save the sleek, straight edges for someone else and turn your countertops into a custom-made work of art. Enhance your countertop design even more by adding wood or metal details throughout the kitchen.

Surprising Neutrals

Soft neutrals are becoming more popular. Bold shades often used in Art Deco and mid-century designs are being replaced in favor of softer, more laid-back hues. This trend has even made its way to kitchen and bathroom countertops. You won’t see as many jet black or bright blue counters. Now, you are more likely to see white, beige, and soft gray tones being used throughout the kitchen. This trend has, in part, risen to popularity in an effort to highlight unique, individual pieces by placing them in neutral spaces. One may choose to install a gray granite countertop, so their colorful mosaic patterned backsplash stands out even more. Lighter neutral shades also help rooms to appear brighter, especially when there is ample natural light pouring in. This can make all the difference in small rooms, as the natural light paired with neutral countertops will make the room feel lighter and larger.

Line Up Veins

This is yet another popular trend with natural stone counters. Many forward-thinking homeowners are choosing to line up the veins in multiple slabs of stone in order to fabricate the look of one, continuous slab. By continuing the flow of the veins in multiple slabs, you can create the illusion of a larger slab of stone without having a repeated pattern. It also minimizes the appearance of the seams between the two slabs. This creates a visually stunning continuous effect that will leave you the envy of all your neighbors and friends.

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